Enough snot to sink the Titanic….


Had anyone had  the whim or fancy to measure how much snot I’ve blown out my nostrils and sinus cavity’s in  the last few weeks, I think they would be surprised, like in eyebrows raised, widening of eyes in shock and horror.

I’ve gone through 3 tissue boxes, about 4 bales of white double ply toilet paper and a husband that rolls his eyes every time I snort, sneeze, blow or cough. 3 weeks ago, I contemplated driving to our local vet and asking him to ‘put me down’. That’s how sick I felt.

But today I’m happy to report that I’m much better. Very little to report in the ‘liquidised oyster front’.

So off I go, back to work. No work, no pay and all that.

If you’re heaving and feel slightly nauseous, you owe me, it means I’ve put you off your lunch and that’s less Winter wobbles you will have!!!



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  1. Yikes your Afrikaans is bloody brilliant, why did I think you are Afrikaans speaking? AUB is the more formal abbreviation of ASB. ASB = Please AUB = If you (but more formal as in U or die uwe) please

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