I think I’m a waiter….


I think I’m a waiter.

Not a waiter that serves at a restaurant.

I’m a waiter ‘coz I wait.

I look to the sky and I wait for things to fall in my lap.

I do the same things everyday and expect to get a different result.

Like my weight.

I wait for the weight to miraculously fall off as I wait for the Woolies cashier to ring up my Chuckles purchase.

I wait for John to be less bad-tempered when he feels under pressure.

I wait

and I wait

and I wait

and I wait

for things to change.

But the truth is:

it won’t.

I have to stop waiting.

To stop looking at the sky




It has to be me that changes.

To stop waiting.

To do.

Change this waiting madness.

“coz it’s madness to wait.

Waiting doesn’t make things happen.




3 responses »

  1. I could spot out some witty little saying to you, but I won’t. Yes, one has to stop waiting and start doing to see the changes. And, my God, the first step is the hardest…

  2. This post resonates with me so damn much ……I just finished a bag of Chuckles — and not the standard size, the jumbo bag you buy because it saves you money!!!

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