The reflective 40’s…….


I’m back. Albeit briefly and just to say hi.

Cinderella Trippin’ and I were having a chat on Saturday night and I was telling her how bored I was of blogging and reading other people’s blogs. It’s not that other bloggers are boring, it’s just that lately I’m not really interested in hearing about other people’s children especially when my own kids consume my every waking thought.

I think that’s where I am in my life.

My 40th has come and gone. And I’m proud to announce that I rode that bitch for a week. Ten days if truth be told. I rode her ’til her knees buckled and she collapsed in a heap a for two days getting over the Chocolate Vodka and birthday celebrations.

Now things are back to normal. My kitchen is still upside down but we’ve broken the back of it.

We’ll finish it soon enough. I’m afraid it will have to happen after shearing which begins the next week.

My 40th was a hoot. I loved it. We had about 40 people here at home. The theme was The Great Gatsby. I asked a friend to cater for me and I recommend this most highly. So stress free. So awesome.

Lately I’m seeking the truth. By the truth I mean, not being politically correct. Bare bones truth. Something to make me feel. Something that stirs my soul. All my usual blog readings are leaving me cold.

What is stirring my soul at the moment is the latest season of Charly’s Bakery. I can feel the sadness of Charly’s death permeating through every episode and its beautiful. Its beautiful in that, his death is inspiring his wife, Jacqui (I think) to reach out to others by means of collecting toys, baking cakes for charity etc. When someone has died of cancer you can’t wish them back and so you grieve over them in a different way. I cry in every episode at the humility of it all.

humility is so rare these days. Very few people have it.

@Charly’s Bakery you can find it in bucket loads.


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  1. Hi Just read your blogpost , and am totally blown away by what you said about Charly’s Cake Angels Season 2. Thank you so much for seeing through the laughter & the cakes, to the essence of what we are trying to portray. The biggest Blessing has been thousands of emails telling us how we have inspired so many people to work with charities after seeing our show. Jacqui x

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