How I got my groove…


had some tests done recently just to check up on some body changes I was going through. No need to go into details about the body changes.

You know, the usual sugar, cholestrol, hormone and thyroid test. Now I’ve been praying for years to have an underactive thyroid. You when someone comments about my weight, I can cast my eyes downward, look sad and say I have an under active thyroid.

And also… I’d heard on the street that thyroid tablets can make you lose weight. But…more about that later.

For the last 4 years, since I had glandular fever my energy levels have dipped into being almost non existant. I’m talking like crying with frustration at having no energy. Work that used to be completed in a few hours would take me weeks. It was that bad. If you haven’t felt that no energy slump, I can’t explain it to you. It’s a desperate feeling. Desperate.

But low and behold about 6 weeks ago the results came back with everything fine except of course….they discovered I have an under active thyroid. Yes…it did happen. I briefly visualised a slim and trim body.

But alas that hasnt happened. I’ve not lost weight. I can live with that…because my energy levels are back.

It’s actually unbelievable. I feel normal again. I’m back in my framing room. I’m cooking lunch, I’m spring cleaning. I’m gardening. I’m pleasant. Fack me, if I’m not Miss Patricia Pleasant.

I dont feel depressed and listless and tired. Oh my hat I wish I could explain that fatigue. Well…… its gone.

But as Spiderman once said: “with great things comes great responsibility” or something similiar…you know what I mean….

so I have to be vigiliant with my pill. Be monitored in 6 weeks. I have to be careful what other pills I take with it etc. Too much can give you heart palpitations.

But. The Main Thing Is. I Have My Energy Back.


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