pink opium poppies


Does anyone want any pink Opium Poppy Seeds? Send me an address and I will post you some from my garden, they have gone to seed and need to be shared.

opium poppy


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  1. Yes please! I would love some. PO Box 782796, Sandton, 2146. I loved your holiday pictures. I spent all my holidays down in East London as a child and those beaches are incomparable.

    • no, of course not. I havent posted the others yet, all I can think about is dropping Aidan off at boarding school this arvie. boo hoo. Girl, send me your postal address. They are lovely and re-seed themselves year after year. You must just leave them and let them dry out in the sun after flowering. They form this ball on top of the flower and when it dries completely, the tiny black seeds (poppy seeds) strew themselves on the ground and come up as seedlings. am sure you knew that though. 🙂

      • Thanks so much. Sending love, sunshine, rainbows and all things good your way. I know how hard that is. My daughter returned back to East London after us being in Cape-Town for 2 years. Broke my heart. She has just finished matric now though, so back with us in Cape-Town. In hindsight it was the best thing for her to finish her schooling there. How about that for a ramble… So excited about the seeds. Please send to 37 Chebec Crescent, Sun Valley, 7975 xxx

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