Her soulful eyes…


Every now and again you meet someone who is remarkable. Whose strength and will almost shifts your mindset and changes your view on life at that moment.

Yesterday I met someone who has been through the mill. When I say met, I use that term loosely as we have met once before. She is a few years younger than me. The biggest blue eyes I’ve ever seen, tall and slender. I vaguely knew a bit about her. But not the finer details.

She began our conversation and asked where Molly was. I answered her and she casually told me about her 4 kids. The eldest being a girl, would have been 13 years old. Her second daughter, would have been 11 years old, the 3rd child is a grade younger than Aidan and shared a dorm with him last year and lastly her 4th child is 4 years old. The two youngest are boys and fit as a fiddle and very handsome chaps. If you’ve read the above paragraph closely you would see I used the past tense about the two girls. Both died within two years of each other and both died of fluke natural causes.

My point is that she hauled herself up, carried on life as she knew it and lived. My good grief how did she do it?

She is open about her two girls. She says she loves talking about them. She misses them. She is an engaging, happy person. Interesting and interested in whats happening around her.

I mentioned her big blue eyes before, because, you know what they say…The eyes are the mirror to your soul. John said to me, he found them sad, but I disagreed, I dont. I found them soulful, empathatic, full of humour and full of delight in the world.

Too pick yourself up after two tragedies like that. Well it takes character and God’s own grace.



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  1. I lost my daughter at 11 months of age and it definitely helps to talk about her and that our friends are not scared to mention her name. Some days are harder than others though. Today is the 5 month anniversary of my friend losing her teenage daughter to a car accident and I am feeling her pain so much.

    I sit here and think, to lose 2 daughters would kill me but 8 years ago I would have thought the same about losing 1 daughter and here I am, still alive, still happy allbeit with sad and even very sad days. Some people do cope better than others but that is no reflection on them or the others.

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