To shag without a condom……that is the question?


Ih, Yoh! (Xhosa for Good Grief!!) But that 3rd child is tap-tapping at my door. Knock knock.

I thought I’d sort of put this issue to bed but……there it is. Rearing its head again.

Tap tap tap.

should I or shouldnt I?


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  1. More kids … definitely a decision one needs to make sober, and with your knickers firmly on.

    I really really wanted a third, but I under-estimated the toll it takes on your body (you are older so no matter how easy, or difficult the earlier pregnancies were – it just seems to get harder), and I think I was a bit shocked by how “thinly spread” I was when there were three.

    Two was a challenge, three outnumbers you totally.

    But that being said, I look at my third with wonder and amazement — she will always be “my baby” and I am without a doubt thrilled that I wanted a third, and got such a “fire cracker” as payment for my troubles.

    Good luck making your decision. xxx

  2. Three is definitely a big jump from two.An old lady once told me”God gave us 2 hands for a reason”Which really wasn’t helpful at all as I already had 3.We always wanted 4 but ran out of time and I was not prepared to have another baby after 40.The older you are the tougher it is both during pregnancy and keeping up with a small baby/child…….but they do keep you young and busy.Good luck with your decision.

  3. This is a tricky one… speaking as a Mom of 4, I must admit the “jump” for me was from 1 to 2…. the other bunch just added slightly to the already existing chaos. Mine are spread out in a somewhat challenging manner, 19, 12, 7 and 2. The last little bundle was a big surprise and a “pill” baby. After weeks of denial and many tears I got my head around it and I would not trade that little being for anything. Good luck with your decision 🙂

  4. I am one of three but only ever wanted to have two children myself so I can’t believe I’m actually advising you – go for it! This is based on knowing you through your blog, admittedly that is somewhat limited but it seems to me that you really do want a third (and a maybe even a fourth) child and that it is fear that has been holding you back. Until now…?

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