The one about learning to shoot a shotgun……


Yesterday I spent the whole day sitting on my bum boering on facebook, Instagram and wordpress. The reason being, I had to lurk around the house as we are FINALLY finishing our kitchen. There aren’t many skilled workmen in a rural area so I had to sit and keep my beady eyes peeled. Don’t think the tiler has ever used his spirt level so much before. It’s exhausting watching all the time. I think I would loathe being a construction foreman.

Much easier being a projects manager.

Rural life……this is life on a farm.

I did something I’ve put off for years yesterday. Late yesterday. Due to the increasing stats on farm murders, John showed me how to use a shotgun. I hate guns, simply because I’m afraid of them. Terrified. He’s shown me before but every now and again I get a refresher course.

Friends of ours were attacked about 7 years ago and she once told me that, had she not had a plan of action in place, they would have been killed. Instead they handled it smartly and successfully.

Now, I dont mean to paint this picture of us living in a house with burglar bars, closed doors and windows and panic buttons strung around our necks. Quite the contrary. We live with doors wide open. Every window wide open and sometimes we only lock our doors at half past nine at night. I feel safe here.

But there’s always that 1% danger factor.

When John and I visit friends in Joburg, it drives us crazy to live behind locked doors all the time. If you’re not used to it, its stifling.

So there I was holding and cocking the shotgun and John calmly telling me what to do if an intruder was in the house. Scary stuff. Not for me…but for my children. Everytime I wavered John gently reminded me, it was to protect myself and the kids.

Anyway that’s enough information for today. You’re probably freaked out. I’m off to drink my tea on the stoep, admire my extraordinary view and wait for my curtain lady to arrive.


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