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How many days ’til school starts?


I wish the Christmas holidays were longer and we could extend it for another 3 weeks. Said no mom ever.

This crossed my mind last night when I asked Aidan to please brush his teeth and wash his hands.

He replied: “Do you want me to go to the Eiffel Tower too?

My hand itched.


pink opium poppies


Does anyone want any pink Opium Poppy Seeds? Send me an address and I will post you some from my garden, they have gone to seed and need to be shared.

opium poppy

the 4 Esses(S’s) Summer, sun, sand and sun


Our December holidays were great. We organised a disability permit to drive Molly onto the beach. It made our lives a million times easier and we were far more mobile. 

Going anywhere with a disabled child (who is VERY vocal) is challenging and involves planning. For example I can say to Aidan “Lets go for a swim”. He puts on his boardshorts, grabs his towel and off we go. Its that simple.

With our Molls it involves a beach bag with 2-3 nappies, wet wipes, extra cozzie, juice, towel, sunscreen, swimming turtle floating device, and a change of clothes. She invariable had a poo in her costume during her swim. I got into the habit of buying lumo panties from PEP which I used as bikini bottoms and just taking poo and panty, fling it into a plastic bag and toss. Clean her up and put another one on. They are so cheap you can afford to do that. Because seriously I’m not going to soak her panty in a bucket and then re-use. Not at R5. Also everything happens at a very slow pace.

Molly loves the water. She loved swimming in the river(lagoon) more than she loved swimming in the sea. Our Molls freaks at the ebb and flow of the waves. But she had to compromise because not everything is about her.

Generally the reaction was fine with a quad bike on the beach. We never abused it, obviously. I did put her Permit on the notice board so everyone could see, which included a phone number to report any beach abuse.

The place where we go on holiday is truly Gods own Earth. The beaches are clean, quiet and stretch for miles in either direction. As for most people, the sun, sand and sound of the sea feeds ones soul and calm ones inner turmoil.

I’ll be honest. I think Eastern Cape beaches are the best. That’s not to say I don’t like the KZN North coast or the Western Cape North coast either. I do. But Eastern Cape beaches are home.


Really excited for this year.