There are no fat people in JHB


I have an issue with weight. In case you were blind and hadn’t noticed.

We spent time in JHB this last weekend. We travelled up for the Bruce Springsteen concert.

6 of us travelled in a combi/bus and had the time of our lives. We shopped, ate out and jolled for 48 hours.

I hardly saw any overweight women. They are all skinny twigs of girls. My friends I met up with, didn’t make a big deal out of food, they all wore fitted, tightish pants and heels. All excersise, all do a lot of housework(although most have helpers), all are hands on with their kids. Most shop at Woolies and eat structured light meals. They drink but not nearly as much as we do in the Eastern Cape.

So it brings me to my point. Where were the fat people?

Whats wrong with us in the Eastern Cape? We are all largely obsessed with food. We are all on diet and we all have minor to major weight issues.

Don’t get your knickers in a knot.. I’m aware I’m generalising. But you must agree with  me, that we are an over weight province.

There are no fat people in JHB


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  1. I am sure there are plenty of fat people in Joburg, and I should know because I am one of them. However I do agree with you that when I go out there seems to be a much higher ratio of slim trim people about. Maybe the fat people are too ashamed to go out.

  2. I think its the stress of living in a kuk place that makes them thin.

    And generally speaking – I think that ‘down here in the Eastern Cape’ – we are far more relaxed and less snobbish / judgemental so there is not this constant pressure to remain tight assed and toned by eating woollies salads and exercising all day for the fear of some Mom at the school pick up / drop off looking down her nose at you.

    So, summing up, it is easier for us to be fatties so we are.

  3. I think you may be right. I just a quick look around the office. In comparison, I think I might be the fat one at a size 12. In Northern JHB there is a lot of emphasis on working out and eating right. I think working out has become a social event here. Hey, we don’t have a beach or anything.

  4. I was in PTA all of last week and I only got to look at fat, weirdly dress (not in a funkyway) people.

    aka The Stilettomum

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