This #neknomination craze that is flooding facebook at the moment verges on the  entertaining, mad, heart warming and down right hilarious.

Some, if not most, are original.

Some boys have taken it to an extreme level. Which is so sad and unnecessary. In fact tragic.

This chap has taken #neknomination and done something good with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-wztJ4m6xE

which inspired others to do the same.  Makes me #proudly South African

I think I find the comments more entertaining than the actual video.

It shows us how powerful Social Media actually is.

Sometimes its fine to do a silly, harmless act. Like down a beer for a reaction.

But it’s better to do something worthwhile with your nomination.

Nando’s has been challenged and I wait in anticipation for their usually clever response.

What do you think of #neknomination?


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