pity party


Today I had a really bad cerebral palsy day. When I fetched Molls, Noza(her carer) was seething. She said one of the autistic kids had tried to hit her really hard and when they moved him away, he ran back and tried again. Noza said she protected Molly and a teacher removed the boy.

But I was a little bit rattled at this news. I was ecstatic that Noza was there and she adores Molly and was most indignant that someone DARED try and hurt her. But I was frightened that someone might do this again and that we may not get there in time to protect her. Fortunately the school is heavily supervised.

But……it makes me feel weary and full of self pity and full of tears. And it makes me feel helpless. Like one of those days, which don’t come often, when I think of when I’m dead and what will happen to my Molls.

Fok it, but today has been really crappy.

But I like this post that I wrote a while back. It gives me hope. I don’t moan about the cerbral palsy thing often, so forgive me.

find it at https://countesskaz.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/countess-personal-pity-party/


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  1. Ai tough when anyone messes with our kids especially the ‘very special ones’Hope it was a once off event…hugs big hugs.
    LO was at pre primary with a special needs kiddie that used to get very angry and climb into the other kids…was always a tough situation to explain and handle tactfully for both the kids and the little dudes Mom.

  2. Eish! Some days are just kak – a complete waste of make-up because you just cry it all off. But most days are fabulous and help us endure the other ones. Wishing you and your Molls floods of fabulous days. Thank goodness for Noza – she sounds like a real keeper.

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