I gave up Facebook for Lent. I’m not going to lie to you, I battled initially. But after a while it was liberating. It released me from day to day bollocks that I read about on Facebook. Social media bullshit that means nothing to me and I felt socially released from having to comment on nones news , photo’s or comments.    Sometimes I feel obliged to comment or to like something , because that’s the way I am.  If truth be told my productivity tripled without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, my blog and Pinterest. Because even though I’d only given up Facebook and Instagram, after a while I didn’t feel the need to look at anything else….because….you see…I started enjoying life around me. Like in….REALLY enjoying life around me. You may try and convince yourself that you don’t spend a lot job time on these sites…but you’d be lying to yourself. Don’t kid yourself.  In fact I even stopped reading blogs as we’ll.

dont complain about not having enough time inn the day if you spend any time on social media. That half an hour or hour( if you add it up) can be used to do a million other things. Real life activities, with eye contact, hands touching, souls feeling fulfilled and most of all loving and respecting those around you.

social media, blogs, Instagram etc …they are NOT real. Just what you want us to see.


Bugger off now, get off your computer, smart phone, iPad and live your life. Feel things. You will be amazed at your inner serenity at not fiddling with a gadget. Inner serenity within your soul. No anxiety. Just calmly and efficiently focusing on your life.

i like feeling the inner serenity.






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  1. I hear you, I’m just not ready to quit sm yet. I have friends with whom I connect primarily with over various forms of sm for various reasons. And ja, maybe I am a bit of a voyeur, watching other people live, while I work.

    • I understand about connecting with people over sm. I’m def a voyeur. I just felt such peace when I abstained from it all. No pressure you know?

      P.s I wrote this post from my new Ipad. So I may be a tad hypocritical……

      p.s enjoy reading your blog. L says you are looking STUNNING.

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