A letter to my dear friend,


Dear N,

it all seems confusing now. You can’t even imagine ever feeling happy and relaxed again. But, I promise you it gets better. It takes years but you start believing in good again.


In a while, it may be a long while,  you will see that this painful part of your life will also be the making of who you are. This depth of pain will also afford you the same depth in appreciation and joy.

Let me explain. While others around you see things simply . Your pain which has stripped you of naively taking things for granted, will have sharpened your senses, heightened your sense of  appreciation.  I use this word appreciation over and over again. You will appreciate everything that others around you take for granted. You see, you have stared ugliness in the face. You have faced death head on. You have had pain and despair choking you as their hands tightened their grip around your throat.

It’s when you realize that you have been handed the greatest gift of all, which is appreciation, when you begin the long journey to healing. You will never be completely healed, for a part of you has been damaged. Damages are not necessary bad. Damage can provide clarity and visual sight that no one else can see. Only those that have seen inside Pandora’s box, have been given the gift of sight.


So I pray a speedy recovery for your little girl. I pray for healing for your bruised heart.

I pray for laughter to bubble out of you. I pray for you to be doubled up in mirth at something funny, to be able to watch a sunset and not worry what tomorrow will bring.

This I pray for you.




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  1. I read this —- and it felt like you were talking to me —– well the beginning part. I hope your friend reads this and she feels that moment in her heart when she knows someone is standing near by and offering her empathy and support, and wisdom.

    Love your work!!

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