7 facts about me…..


Thanks to http://charliesbird.wordpress.com/2014/06/27/an-award/ for this award.

We drove to Natal for the weekend to visit family and it gave me ample time to think of  7 facts about myself . But, what I was going to write on Friday has changed somewhat.

7 Facts about me.

  1. I want to write one day
  2. I swear too much.
  3. I wish I had more children.
  4. I wish I had a house in town with an unlimited budget where I could decorate it as I pleased without John’s interference. Just a personal space for me. With no kids, no husband, no pets allowed. My space. Books lying everywhere. Smoked salmon in the fridge. Chocolates in cupboards. Surround sound music. Awesome pool loungers.
  5. Loyality is everything to me. I’m fiercely loyal to those I love.
  6. The older I get, the less friends I have, yet the more sincere the friends I have, are.
  7. I’m opinionated and love to give advice

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  1. Also swear way too much and don’t give a f### that I do”
    House all to yourself sounds divine…mine would have white ostrich leather couches and wing back chairs with white travatine tiles.

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