Missing my little chap


So here I sit. It’s 5 past 11 at night and I received a what’sup message from Aidan’s hostel mom:

“Aidan felt faint and said he had a headache, gave him some Panado and put him to bed. It was very hot today, nothing serious, just letting you know.”

I phoned her about an half hour later, once I’d read the message. All was well she said and she’d check up on him later.

Half an hour later:”Aidan fast asleep”.

But I’m not. I sit here worried about my boy and ugly irrational thoughts fly through my brain.

So here’s to a night of sleeplessness, with my cellphone on my bedside table, close to me.

Here’s one of the downsides to having my boy at hostel. When he’s sick he should be near his mom.

Sleep tight


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  1. I hope it all turned out well – other than a sleepless night for you. We do worry about ’em, don’t we? I still worry about all mine and the eldest one was 38 last week!

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