Monthly Archives: May 2015

May musings


I’m back. Well just for today I reckon.

Blogging was part of my life for a while and┬álately I don’t feel the need to write and express myself as much.

Things are going well-ish. You know how it is.

Its May already. Yesterday John and I went for a walk up one of the mountains on the farm, to a cave he played in when he was a boy. Once I’d overcome my fear of being bitten by a puffadder I began to enjoy it. Fortunately the puffies are starting to go into hibernation and are fat and lazy. Well…..that’s what John said anyway(insert winking smiley face here).

We saw the most awesome indigenous trees and vegetation. One can travel far and wide but you’ll never beat true Eastern Cape vegetation. I just adore it. oh…and the view up there….so gorgeous. The light in Autumn is always so orangey and warm. Its completely different to the light in Winter and Summer. Love all the aloes,thorn trees and Cabbage trees and so on.

We have many stone cattle kraals on the farm from the 1800’s. So we explored one of those. So overgrown with bush and trees. I’m looking for a special stone I can sharpen my kitchen knives on.

So many exciting things going on this year. More about that later.

Wish me luck for exams next week. I’m on the final pull now. Uuuuuughhhhh.