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Sort it the fuck out……….


If you’re feeling sensitive, have your period, feeling angry…DO NOT READ BELOW…You have been warned….

I’m finding that yesterday and especially today,  people are dissing 2012. On blogs, facebook and even worse, face to face. It’s so crap, I don’t like this, I don’t like that. I’m so tired. No-one wants to play with me….

 Well, for Frik’s sake. Keep your negative whining to yourself, because 2012 is MY year. This year will be a good year for me. I insist. I absolutely insist. 2012 belongs to me after all the bollocks 2011 threw at my family. (2011, you spiteful little bitch!)

 This year is my turn. I’m holding 2012 close to my chest and it’s MY turn to play with her! So put your big girl panties on, buck up and face the horror that’s being thrown at you. You need to realise that whining breeds dissent in the crowds. In essence, it filters into my line of view, it seeps into my heart and it grips me and pulls me down. That’s how powerful negative energy can be. You can have it…It’s not welcome here. Make it go away.

So sit down, make a list of things you need to sort out. Go away if you need a breather. But for the love of all that is pure and right………sort it the fuck out! 


I’ve discovered an inspirational blog….


I recently, per chance, came across a blog of a truly inspirational woman. She’s never done anything remarkable. She’s been through pain. But what makes her remarkable is her attitude. Her frankness. Her positive continuous search.

 When something touches you, I believe you must share it. I like the way she admits that she’ll never be great at anything. I feel like that sometimes. I’m good at a different number of things, but I’m not great at anything. What is that? What is this yearning in all of us to be great at something?

 My biggest problem is accepting that I’m not perfect.  I’m not perfect, but I strive to be all the time. The problem is not in the perfection but in the feeling of failure I feel if I’m not. Are you sort of getting my drift here?

 here is her blog link: