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Tickle my tits ’til Friday….


As Shirley Valentine once said in a dark dingy semi-detached house in London: “Well  tickle my tits ’til Friday”.

Seriously, tickle my tits ’til Friday…I’m on a roll and framing up a storm today. Getting through such a lot of work. Each framing job is a responsibility as each artwork/ memorabilia is sentimental or valuable to each person. I often have a panic attack and have to talk myself into calming down and tackle each job slowly and calmly. I never EVER said I was completely sane!

Talking about sanity…I went to see a psychologist earlier this year for three sessions. I’d been feeling particularly anxious about having another child with Molly being cerebral palsy and all…and needed to talk through my fears. I am no closer to the truth within myself, as I was when I started. I did however find out that seeing someone professionally is:

  •  SO healthy
  • I’m not as fucked up as I thought…very little in fact
  • I give too much to the kids and John with little regard to myself
  • it’s stuffin’ expensive
  • it’s so nice to talk about myself for an hour
  • she said I must have another child
  • I’m still fearful as I was initially, to fall pregnant, even though I know I should get over it.

So in short, I pray and I wait. I wait for an answer to fall out the sky or for someone to come to me and tell me they’ve had an apparition that I have another normal child(actually someone did). Or God told them in a dream to tell me that I must go forth and have another child and he/she shall be normal (say in a sombre serious voice).

Forgive me for this cliche, but only time will tell. I pray I have the enormous courage and faith that will have to be with me for every second I carry the baby. Well…if I decide to.