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Slowly catch the monkey….


I’ve been panic eating lately.Panicking because I can’t seem to lose weight, panicking because I’ve got very low self-esteem about my body and feel disillusioned over the recent dietary failures.

I lay in the bath on Saturday and prayed. Quietly. A sense of calm came over me.

I just stopped the berating. Stopped the hate. Stopped panicking and I thought to myself…calm down. Just start again. Stop being so hard on yourself. Just start again.

Just focus on the diet and the treadmill. Three to Four times a week. Leave the toning for a while.

Just keep calm. The more one does, the more one has an increased chance of failing and the more one feels a failure if one fails. (if you know what I mean). So that’s my plan. Keep calm. One thing at a time. To slowly, slowly catch the bloody monkey!!!!



Too many irons in the fire….


It’s unbelievable how much I procrastinate. Truth be told I probably have too many irons in the fire at the moment.

  • cerebral palsy child to try stimulate
  • 6 old years olds school run and extra murals
  • a new business that keeps me quiet busy
  • admin and office work for my husband
  • sunday school teacher
  • school manager for our farm school
  • treasurer for our farm school (paperwork immense for the Dept of Ed) and for my son’s school (minimal)
  • keep my house and garden in ship-shape (whatever!!!!)
  • try to diet and exercise and combat stress and look good and wash my hair and shave my legs( I really hate shaving…I abhor waxing even more)
  • book in for facials, pedi’s, mani’s hair etc
  • make sure kids and hubby eat healthily
  • pay off a flat I’ve just bought recently
  • keep up with a killer social life. (farming community’s are always busy)
  • these are just a few I’ve mentioned….still more that I can’t think of at the moment)

As soon as I’m stressed out I turn to eating. I was going to say snacking, but it goes beyond a snack sometimes. I have even memorised the sound of the creaking fridge door and the muffled snap, as it closes! I know that sound soooooooooooooooo well.

We’re all so hard on ourselves. Especially if we don’t achieve something. I’m especially hard on myself. I lost 1.6kg’s this week. Instead of feeling happy about it, I’ve continuously berated myself the whole week because I have so many kg’s still to go. Still such a looooooooooooong road ahead of me.  So what…. enjoy each bite that you eat. Live it up. That’s what I think anyway….