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The fat circle of friends………


Don’t you hate those friends that want you fat? They love you being fat to make them feel better about themselves.


I will no longer be:

  •  the one that eats cake to make you feel less guilty about the second slice of cake you’re tucking into.
  • the friend with fat legs that makes you feel thinner
  • the one to moan to about breaking the diet

I will be:

  • watching what I eat
  • dress as if I’m all that and more…
  • unavailable for snacks and binges

Now, fk off and let me starve in peace…


It truly means a lot to me…


This diet lark is not for sissy’s. And I’m afraid that food snuck in when no-one is watching, Nigellas Lawson style, truly DOES catch up eventually.

Oh my goodness gracious, but I love snacking and eating and munching. Winter is truly a biaatch to me. I like her for her red wine and warm fires but truly she has a nasty streak when it comes to packing on the kilo’s on my tummy, thighs and triple chin.

I’d love to blame it on Maryna, who resides in the dark love cave, but I am doubtful. A Chocolate Log, a kitkat, Lindt ball or twenty has to go somewhere. Doesn’t it? Maryna serves a purpose of deflecting, um, um, the tadpoles but truly she can’t be all that fabulous if she can’t mult task by ridding said weight of said luscious body?

Oh well, have asked a friend to fax through a diet. She has lost 4.9kgs in the last few weeks. Well done my girl! That’s awesome. Truly, feel a little jealous now.

I have used the word truly 6-7 times in this post.

Because truly, I’m serious about this subject. It truly means a lot to me. Truly…

Other words for truly:

absolutely, accurately, actually, authentically, beyond doubt, beyond question, confirmedly, constantly, correctly, de facto, definitely, devotedly, exactly, factually, faithfully, firmly, genuinely, honestly, honorably, in actuality, in fact, in reality, in truth, legitimately, loyally, positively, precisely, reliably, righteously, rightly, sincerely, staunchly, steadily, surely, truthfully, unequivocally, veraciously, veritably, very, with all one’s heart, with devotion, without a doubt

48 Easter Eggs and 9 days to go….


As you know, I have given up chocolate for Lent. Not bloody easy. I’m not Catholic. I just got caught up in a “stoopid” facebook moment and announced it on my status. Boo Hoo…

How has giving up on chocolate benefited me? Bugger all, I will confess. Niks. Nada. Stuff all as my Dad would say. I’ve lost no weight. I’ve stayed the same.

But….dot…dot…dot….I have realised one thing…and that is, that I CAN do it. Me, a self-confessed chocster of note.

 I can withhold and be all like…”no, I can’t have that chocolate cake. No thanks, I won’t, like, eat that chocolate brownie.”

My friends are shocked. I can see it in their eyes. They quickly disguise it though. So, they don’t come across as non-supportive.

So here is to next Sunday. Easter Sunday. Mommy can’t wait to see you. Coz when you come….so does the shoving in of the chocolate between these lips.  Come to mama.

 And so, in preparation today(for next Sunday), I bought the kids a box of 48 marshamallow eggs to share, and THEN I bought another box of 48 eggs for ME ALONE! Yes, relax, I’m not exaggerating, I CAN eat a whole box. I’m pretty sure. It might take me a while. But I’ll give it a good backhand and show it who’s Boss!

Too much temptation…………


Sho-u-u(as in shuuuu, Xhosa word for Phewww), Time sure does seem to be galloping buy. Just had my nails and feet done, so sitting here like a bit of a prima donna. Hands all scrunched up and trying not to bump them to spoil the french tips.

Kids at swimming. So peaceful. Time to catch my breath. We’ve (a friend and I) have enrolled the kids on a two week crash course of swimming lessons. For the two older kids it’s stroke correction and the two younger to teach them to swim. It’s gruelling for us because it’s a whole morning spent to-ing and fro-ing  over-excited kids. But what a joy to watch them having fun.

Literally 4 days to go until the holiday. Oh my giddy Aunt.

Question: Why do we feel the need to eat so much on Christmas day? You must see my mom’s menu. Don’t get me wrong I’ll be the first to stand up to dish up a plate of food. But all that food….? For me it’s like putting an alchoholic in a bathtub of vodka and expecting him/her not to drink. Too much temptation…

So holidays begin…and  fighting temptation begins also.