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facebook befok…..


I’m such a facebook whore. I think I go against all unspoken facebook rules and principles.

If I like a photograph I click like. In fact if I like all 92 photos in an album, I’ll click like on all of them. So not cool. You’re supposed to be undercover and too hip to be on facebook. It’s probably the only place that voyeurism is perfectly acceptable in our society. Because like it or not facebook is a huge part of our society. I’d love to know how many man hours get wasted scrolling down one’s home page. Fk it, I know that when I’m bored or trying to escape I scroll, jong! I scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll all the summer’s day!

So this year I plan to make a concerted effort to spend less time on facebook. Well, I suppose I go through stages of being facebook befok and then stages of  not logging on for days at a time. Doesn’t help to have an iphone either. Thank goodness I don’t have BBM………I’d eers boer on the internet!


Sort it the fuck out……….


If you’re feeling sensitive, have your period, feeling angry…DO NOT READ BELOW…You have been warned….

I’m finding that yesterday and especially today,  people are dissing 2012. On blogs, facebook and even worse, face to face. It’s so crap, I don’t like this, I don’t like that. I’m so tired. No-one wants to play with me….

 Well, for Frik’s sake. Keep your negative whining to yourself, because 2012 is MY year. This year will be a good year for me. I insist. I absolutely insist. 2012 belongs to me after all the bollocks 2011 threw at my family. (2011, you spiteful little bitch!)

 This year is my turn. I’m holding 2012 close to my chest and it’s MY turn to play with her! So put your big girl panties on, buck up and face the horror that’s being thrown at you. You need to realise that whining breeds dissent in the crowds. In essence, it filters into my line of view, it seeps into my heart and it grips me and pulls me down. That’s how powerful negative energy can be. You can have it…It’s not welcome here. Make it go away.

So sit down, make a list of things you need to sort out. Go away if you need a breather. But for the love of all that is pure and right………sort it the fuck out! 

facebook de-friending……..


Good morning all….you have to forgive me these past few days for not writing. Things are a tad hectic here, with planning big events and all.

I do  have a few things to say though. I drive far distances, and I listen to our local radio station a lot. I inherited my Mom-in-laws Volvo(or as I affectionately, like to call it the: VULVA), and it’s 20 years old, incredibly light on fuel and only has a tape-deck/radio in it. Sometimes in desperation I listen to my iPod.

Yesterday I had the good fortune to listen to a funny story about a woman who got de-friended on facebook. These two women had a fight, the one woman de-friended the other. When the de-friended one found out about the de-friending, she went completely ballistic and burnt her ex-friends house down. Well, when I heard this I was finished, I think I got a stitch from laughing so hard. I mean SERIOUSLY people….get a life!

Although it’s a bit blind when you get de-friended. I got de-friended by a “vague”, not close friend. I felt embarrassed by it. But then again, facebook does makes glitches every now and again and so maybe it was a glitch. Regardless of whatever….it was, I have moved on after a momentary puzzlement over it. You can’t take facebook seriously people. It’s a boredom buster and a way to keep up with distant friends. The everyday: “Tonight I’m eating slow roasted lamb shank with creamy potatoes”, “just put up the Christmas Tree”, “is married to an awesome man”, status are just frills and fluff. Not to be taken seriously. Well I don’t think so anyway…..