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The letter to Aidan’s ex teacher…….


Reply email this week to Aidan’s teacher from last year:

Hi Alley,

Today’s visit at Molly’s potential school went MILES better than I imagined. John met Mrs K (principal) and then I took Molly and John to meet Edith Wilson(phase 1 teacher and Makaton teacher). Molls thought the class was the business! She loved it and fitted right in. In fact on our way out after sitting in the class and chatting to the teacher, all the kids lined up and held hands to walk to the playground, a little boy put his hand out to grab Molly and said: “come”. It was so sweet and my heart just melted. Molls was keen as anything to go with but we were still discussing things with Edith.

It sounds like we can take her once a week but Mrs K wants to confirm it with the HOD and Edith said she’d like Molly in her class. (this was after she’d heard Molly shrieking with excitement and clapping her hands and walking from this child to that child) Apparently Dr A-K phoned her yesterday to discuss it with her. Everything has fallen into place and I pray the last bit will fall into place too(the CONFIRMATION OF HER ACCEPTANCE!!!!!!)

Aidan had a complete meltdown on the phone on Tuesday night and sobbed and begged me to come and fetch him, he kept saying that he wanted to go to Mrs Nieve’s school, please mommy, please mommy! Well we didn’t phone last night. I phoned tonight and he was a chirpy as anything, cheerful. I was so pleased because after I put the phone down on Tuesday night, I sobbed and wailed like a baby! John had to console me and give me lots of attention.

So, I’ve survived the first week of boarding school and the handing in of Molls’ application form and school visit. Quite emotionally draining.

I was saying to John’s tonight that I never realised how much you’d miss the kids, I mean I knew you would, but I never realised quite how much. I’ve been so preoccupied with myself and haven’t been there to pat you on the back….

So excited to see Aidan tomorrow that I could wee in my pantaloons!!!


Countess Kaz


Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Smiley face!


Baa baa black sheep…..


Writing a blog is a healthy thing, but it can also become me-centred.  That’s why I  left it for a week. Everybody knows that if you’re speaking to me and I’m bored in the first sentence, I switch off and I don’t hear you. I think my droning on of late started to bore me. Hence the time off to live life.

Here is a shearing collage of 2012. Yesterday the wool was baled and today we transport our wool to the auction.

Happy Thursday all.

off to Jozi…….


Tuesday morning we leave for Jozi to see Molly’s Orthotist. Every year we go to Joburg for a week to have her fitted with orthotics with this amazing man. He is brilliant and his work is great and the results have been wonderful.

But truth be told we are plaas mense and do’nt enjoy going to Joburg. Any other city except Joburg. When we’re there we LOVE the vibe and energy and productivity. We come back inspired at the variety of things we’ve seen. Cue in the Design Quarter at Fourways. Love it there. So every year we get dragged kicking and screaming to Jozi and every year we come back having enjoyed ourselves immensely. You’d think we’d know better by now? It’s been 5 years!

Here is a picture of Molls last year during the measuring and fitting, she was overcome with absolute theatrics and the crocodile  tears poured down her cheeks much to the amusement of Johns and I.


Giving birth on the farm road and other stories…..


Living in a busy farming community means you are busy most weekends and sometimes during the week too.

This last Sunday John and I had nothing on and we braaied with the kids.We sat in the sun drinking our white wine spritzers and had a right old  jolly good time. What bliss..to just stare at a point over my standard roses and not make small talk. Actually while I was staring blankly something did register in my brain to plant some more shrubs in the one flower bed. Am I good at gardening? I dunno? But I enjoy it and Zizile does a mighty fine job of listening to my instructions.

Yesterday I got a frantic phone call while I was in town from Thembisa. She phoned to tell me that she had to run up the farm road as her sister had gone into labour and was busy giving birth. So there this young girl was, lying on the gravel, grass and stones giving birth to her 3rd child. No help or drugs. Anyway John sent a truck straight away and she was whisked through to the local hospital. I’m presuming with baby and umbilical chord in hand…. They are both fine and the baby was a girl. The mother is not married and this is her third child in about 5 years. Hopefully the labour might cause her to think twice before allowing a man entry again!

It worries me so much when I see these kids running around sans a  father.  Every time a baby is born it puts such financial pressure on the rest of the family. The irony is, that this woman has never worked and she manages to bring up 3 kids with help from her family. She isn’t the only one that’s done that. The sense of family among Xhosa people is phenomenal and so strong.

The joys of farm life.

I took this photo on Sunday in front of the peach blossoms to celebrate Spring:

I will not be bullied….


Am dying to write an unedited blog post about all the fuckwits I’m surrounded with at the moment. Serious fuckwits. Eish it’s tough keeping one’s big trap shut. I don’t know who reads this blog, so I have to remain restrained to some degree.

It blows my mind how people become Bully’s if you don’t agree with them or bow down to what they want.

News Flash Fucker: I WILL NOT BE BULLIED

At the moment I’m being bullied by someone very close to me. I don’t want to kow tow to their logic. Bullshit logic. And all it ever feels like, is me giving in and my kids being pushed to the back burner again.

Don’t you hate it, when someone does a kind deed for you and then it’s thrown in your face constantly, with them reminding you of their generosity. (never mind that you’ve probably done a lot more than them.)

I know that this blog post is probably annoying, as I’m not naming names…but c’mon seriously….

A Mom and 3 Daughters


an email between us 3 sisters and mom. first one sent by my older sister.

Hi girls

 Just to let you all know I went for my first mammogram today. Was actually painless (not sure if it was the myprodrol i took 10 minutes before).  The Dr told me ladies are going from age 35 these days and not 50 like in the past.  So sisters go book your mammogram appointment.

I actually went for a Bone Density examination (I think I may have arthritis – thanks Mom), but she confirmed i’m to young for the BD test and suggested I go to my GP who would refer me to the correct Dr. 

Chat soon


My reply:


Every November I go through some “Anxiety Related Disease”. November was when Molls was diagnosed. A few years ago I was convinced I had breast cancer, so I had a mammogram. All fine. Not pleasant to have ones bosoms squashed though. Especially 44 DD. Maramachungas!

I have a Glandular Fever relapse at the moment. Bloody sick. My glands look like I swallowed two tennis balls and I have such a high temp that Tiffa is changing the sheets twice a day with all the perspiring. Bloody sore. Anyway doctor given me meds. I asked him for meds that make me sleepy. I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth to block out John and the kids. In fact, I’ve just swallowed three pills and for a brief second, S and Mom flashed before my very eyes. They would have been proud!!!!

The weather is miserable today and I’m tired of being in bed. But I’ve learnt with experience, it’s the best place to be to recuperate quickly. I’m even missing bookclub this afternoon. 😦 : and I love bookclub. Even though we only remember about the books as we are leaving, they’re a nice bunch of girls and they make me laugh.

Well, off to fetch Aidan from school, even though I’m feverish and ill. (John’s at a bull sale)



P.S. you must know I’m sick if I’m watching Jackalsdans and re-runs of Will and Grace!!

It’s cold here jong!


We escaped the cold and went to the coast this weekend, to a different kind of cold. But bearable. 4 couples and their families. Kids had a ball. I managed to calm my tipsy topsy hormones, sip a few Savanahas and G&T’s and relax. Went for a walk along the cliffs, saw whales and dolphins. The Wild Coast is beautiful.

So now we’re back on the farm. It snowed yesterday but it didn’t settle. Just left the cold wind behind.

Back to work this morning. So much to do.