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How kiff is this?


If you’re a foodie and appreciate cooking then the list below will tickle your fancy, blow your hair back, raise your sails and whatever else.

This is what we are learning to cook tonight on the Corden Bleu cooking course. The course begins at 4:30pm and goes on all night. We bring our own wine/drinks and cook the night away. A busy kitchen full of ten friends, no kids, no husbands and a full on Dessert Buffet to round the evening off. Fk me, sounds like bliss…..


Home-made rolls topped with three cheeses

Brushetta topped with olive oil, pesto and parmesan

Springbok carpacio with parmesan, olive oil and pesto

Spinach, courgette and feta cheese tart

Cream of tomato and basil soup

 Main course buffet

Lamb loin chops

~Loin chops, flambéed with basting and served with a flavoured butter sauce~

Seafood Paella

~An array of seafood tossed in saffron rice topped with half shell mussels~

Deboned chicken ~demonstration~

~whole ballontine of chicken stuffed with pimento, mushrooms and feta cheese and served with a mushroom sauce~


Roasted potato wedges

Bell pepper and pesto cous cous

Pumpkin fritters rolled in cinnamon and sugar

Melange of green vegetables in a rich cheese sauce

Layered garden salad

 Dessert Buffet

Lemon cheesecake topped with a granadilla coulee

Lemon meringue pie

Decadent chocolate and wild berry cake

Apple and red berry crumble

Assorted Cheeseboard

How kiff is this?


Jet setting through Belgium and Switzerland…..


Well it’s over. We arrived back from Switzerland late yesterday arvie. Our flight left Zürich at about 10:20pm and arrived in Johannesburg at 9am ish. Our connecting flight home was only at 2:40pm. So a long sit and wait in OR Tambo.

Seeing the kids was divine. Please forgive me, but I didn’t really miss the kids until I saw them in Arrivals. We were too busy sightseeing and enjoying ourselves. I really enjoyed the break and having time alone with Johns. We tried most earnestly to conceive a child in Europe…. so we shall see. If it happens…it does. If it doesn’t…well so what? I’m still content with my life.

So many adventures in a small space in time. Another shift in one’s mindset. I’ve realised that the touristy parts of Europe, especially Belgium are irritating. But leaving the centre, busier parts, for the real flavour of the country or city is magical. John dragged me around Brugge by making the four of us ride on bicycles. If I tell you I screamed and threw a monumental tantrum, I’d probably be under playing the Big Scene that I made. I even called him a Doos under my breath. Not too quietly, but loud enough for him to hear. So off I was forced to ride this bloody bike along the canals right into the outskirts of Brugge. Oh MY GIDDY Aunt! One of the highlights of the trip. I enjoyed the bicycle paths but the riding among cars and pedestrians is hair raising…BUT I DID IT! What fun and most enjoyable. I think there could be an American Tourist with a bruised bosom where I gently rode into her after I panicked when a bus passed me!

Belgium has either Dutch or a French flair. We went to both parts of Belgium. A little town called Dinant. Very Frenchy and so charming. Brugge has more of a Dutch undertone and lovely too. But Brussels…..was okay. Very mixed up and I couldn’t place a finger on the gist of the city. It is VERY cosmopolitan. With every nationality you can think of. I found it dirty and too city-like for my taste. It smells like wee too. But, pheww they can serve up delicious Belgian waffles and chips with mayonnaise. We also tried the famous mussels in Brussels. What can I say about that? Go and have a poo in the toilet, flush the toilet. Take a Tupperware and scoop up the toilet water, throw in 1kg of the smallest undersized mussels you can find and let it soak up the smells and flavour. That’s what they tasted like. John turned a little green whilst eating them and went pale when anyone mentioned mussels after that!

Zürich was lovely. I love Switzerland. So traditional. So well run. So clean. We stayed with a friend’s sister and were privileged enough to be taken on a road trip into the Alps for 2 days. We stayed in the most charming Swiss B&B. Very Swiss. Ate a meal on the Rocket Stove, fondue, delicious breads, bretzels, Gruyère cheese. We drove around the most charming villages. Ancient and untouched by tourists. A real Swiss experience. our bedroom was above the barn, so we had cows and their cow bells jingling the whole night.

Well, so much to say about 9 days of busy fun. But a really great experience and laughed a lot. At some stages I lost my breath from laughing so much. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

It truly means a lot to me…


This diet lark is not for sissy’s. And I’m afraid that food snuck in when no-one is watching, Nigellas Lawson style, truly DOES catch up eventually.

Oh my goodness gracious, but I love snacking and eating and munching. Winter is truly a biaatch to me. I like her for her red wine and warm fires but truly she has a nasty streak when it comes to packing on the kilo’s on my tummy, thighs and triple chin.

I’d love to blame it on Maryna, who resides in the dark love cave, but I am doubtful. A Chocolate Log, a kitkat, Lindt ball or twenty has to go somewhere. Doesn’t it? Maryna serves a purpose of deflecting, um, um, the tadpoles but truly she can’t be all that fabulous if she can’t mult task by ridding said weight of said luscious body?

Oh well, have asked a friend to fax through a diet. She has lost 4.9kgs in the last few weeks. Well done my girl! That’s awesome. Truly, feel a little jealous now.

I have used the word truly 6-7 times in this post.

Because truly, I’m serious about this subject. It truly means a lot to me. Truly…

Other words for truly:

absolutely, accurately, actually, authentically, beyond doubt, beyond question, confirmedly, constantly, correctly, de facto, definitely, devotedly, exactly, factually, faithfully, firmly, genuinely, honestly, honorably, in actuality, in fact, in reality, in truth, legitimately, loyally, positively, precisely, reliably, righteously, rightly, sincerely, staunchly, steadily, surely, truthfully, unequivocally, veraciously, veritably, very, with all one’s heart, with devotion, without a doubt

Is food and cooking becoming screamingly pretentious and unrealistic?


Please don’t continue reading if you don’t want to be infected by discontentment, restlessness, or just plain grey, moody March and April.

I’m feeling disgruntled, hostile, filled with discord and just plain incompatible with life at the moment. WTF? I’m usually annoyingly happy.Someone once compared me with the continuously happy nun on Sister Act. You know the one with a fat round face and a happy smile. I was so pissed off with the boy who told me that, that I’ve refused his friendship on facebook twice.

But what I want to discuss today is the latest Food and Home I bought and read this morning.

Is food and cooking becoming screamingly pretentious and unrealistic?

Let me paint a picture. I live on a farm about 110kms away from the nearest city. I bought the mag coz the cover looked delicious. It had a picture of a Plum and Apple crumble, in a bowl, displayed  on a piece of hessian.

The piece of hessian, I presume, is to create a sort of homely look and give one a feeling of using local, farm ingredients. Now, I live on a farm, and not a fuck would I EVER use a piece of Hessian ANYWHERE in my kitchen. It absorbs dust and dirt and continuously sheds little bits of fluff and hessian. I see that Plum and Apple Crumble resting ever so gently on that piece of hessian and I can unfortunately imagine tasting little pieces of hessian and fluff.

So the tasty looking crumble is discredited by the pretentious piece of hessian.

Also some of the recipes use ingredients like:

  • galangal
  • arborio rice
  • asian mushrooms
  • panko breadcrumbs
  • chestnuts

Okay there aren’t to many unknown ingredients, but still, I’m in a critical, slightly bitchy mood. But in all honesty, the recipes seem a tad pretentious and make use of expensive nuts, pomegranate seeds and other expensive ingredients. Ingredients, that I, wouldn’t even be able to locate in the greater Eastern Cape region. So that leaves only those living in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town able to cook these recipes. Nice one Food and Home!

So let me ask you again:

Do you think cooking has become a tad pretentious?

on page 40 of the Food and Home there’s a picture of a blonde girl in trendy (spotlessly clean) gumboots touching a little calf. Her white, short, anglaise dress spotless and gleaming in the sunlight. Highly unlikely in real life. Next to her in another photo is a wire crate of glass milk bottles filled with milk. There are NO lids on the milk. HUh? Also highly unlikely.

Too much temptation…………


Sho-u-u(as in shuuuu, Xhosa word for Phewww), Time sure does seem to be galloping buy. Just had my nails and feet done, so sitting here like a bit of a prima donna. Hands all scrunched up and trying not to bump them to spoil the french tips.

Kids at swimming. So peaceful. Time to catch my breath. We’ve (a friend and I) have enrolled the kids on a two week crash course of swimming lessons. For the two older kids it’s stroke correction and the two younger to teach them to swim. It’s gruelling for us because it’s a whole morning spent to-ing and fro-ing  over-excited kids. But what a joy to watch them having fun.

Literally 4 days to go until the holiday. Oh my giddy Aunt.

Question: Why do we feel the need to eat so much on Christmas day? You must see my mom’s menu. Don’t get me wrong I’ll be the first to stand up to dish up a plate of food. But all that food….? For me it’s like putting an alchoholic in a bathtub of vodka and expecting him/her not to drink. Too much temptation…

So holidays begin…and  fighting temptation begins also.

what I love and what I don’t……


Because I’m a smidge maudlin today I’m going to write 5 things I’m thankful for:

  • My family’s health
  • My children
  • My husband
  • my love of people
  • my drive and determination

5 things that irritate the heck out of me:

  • lies
  • I fucking hate boxed frozen fish
  • selfish MOFo’s
  • synthetic fibres (especially in my linen)
  • incessant talking and chattering

 that’s it. so busy today. as always. thanks for reading. please leave a comment and tell me one thing you love and hate.