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chall Day 10-what’s inside my handbag……..


Who cares? seriously. I don’t care what’s inside your handbag, so pretty sure you don’t care what’s inside mine.

But the answer is:

  • my bag would probably classify as a bit of a  “whore se handsak” (whore’s handbag)
  • it’s full of till slips
  • coins in the bottom
  • Some of Aidan’s magnets and rubber egg lookalikes
  • old tissues to wipe up Molly’s nose
  • hidden away choco wrappers so John can’t see how many chocolates I’ve eaten. (remember the old rule? If no-one sees you eat it…it never was)!!!
  • wallet
  • cheque books…yes we still use them in the platteland. Almost phased out though.
  • my kindle
  • Beautiful by Estee Laude
  • My faithful Revlon lipstick that lasts for 24 hours
  • keys to my showroom
  • one or two Rennies covered in fluff at the botom of my bag
  • my iphone

phew!! now I feel quiet violated….. never realised how revealing that could be.

On another note, Molly did well yesterday with her second day of school. I cannot enthuse enough at how FANTASTIC that school is.

Aidan has his ups and downs. He seems to be enjoying school but starts wobbling when we phone him at night. He tells us how much he misses us. Breaks my heart but I remain firm in our descision to send him to that school. He is blossoming there acedemically and on the sports field. Everything is geared for boys and the way they think. and today is Friday, my favourite day of the week. Yay! I fetch him today!

But first I need to drive to my showroom and meet a potential BIG customer there this morning. Feel positive about the potential business. Contract framing work for a big company.

So, so enjoying this new phase of my life. I have direction with Molly, and Aidan is doing well at his school. Plus the new Moms I’ve met at Aidan’s school are a hoot a minute and I’m enjoying their company very much. They are a bunch of straight talking farmers wives. They’re up to date, zhoozsh, and entertaining!

Have a great FRIDAY!!! I know I will.



The one about the bird shit…


Today is a scorcher. Which is great as I have a friend collecting her framing later to take home to Sydney, Australia. I don’t envy her carting 3 sizable framed oils, luggage and two kids under the age of 7 on a plane for 24 hrs.

The thing is, is that the paint on the frames has to dry, hence the relief at the great weather. I left the one outside to dry after the 3rd coat this morning and a bird shat on it. The joys of living on a farm. So, she will be taking a little bit of Africa home with her.

Aidan has this awful vomiting bug at the moment. So I barely slept. He only vomited once, but when I’m awake, that’s me…done.

I need a project to sink my teeth into. Feeling a little bit bored.

Starting on a kitchen facelift, cold room, meat handling room project soon. And all my chairs and couches need recovering. All I need is to win the lotto.

Yes, a couple of mil, would go down a right treat round about now!

The two new additions to our family….


Two weeks ago while browsing through a lovely art gallery in the nearest city, I came across two paintings by Lionel Smit. A few visits and a chat to my clever arty aunt in Cape Town, I have now bought them. He paints huge portraits. I have bought the smaller portraits from his Strip, Circle and Slice series.

They are so beautiful and I love them. They speak to me and from the very first time I saw them, I wanted them. Very similiar to a teenager and the latest Blackberry. I saw and I wanted.

The thing about art, be it visual, poetry, drama or even music, is, that it’s SO healthy to be inspired by it.

Well, I feel inspired when I see my two new babies.

Have a look http://www.34fineart.com/lionel2012ind.htm

My kiff creative groove…..


Very busy weekend. I actually enjoyed it. Feel a bit buggered.

Am on such a roll with framing and am churning out the work. I have my Creative groove on. Next week is the Art Exhibition. And we also may go down to the wool sale. So a busy time again for us. Is there any other?

When I’m happy and in a good place I don’t write in my blog much. So sorry about that. But not sorry that I’m happy. and Flipping hormonal and bad tempered. Flipping hell. Must be time for the dogs to visit soon.

The Art Gallery…..


Here are some of the paintings in my Latest Project: The Art Gallery. Have enjoyed myself immensely. Will be displaying them on Monday.

I have a meeting with my photographer friend this arvie. Will see how it goes. I’m still excited to see his work regardless of whether I buy or not. I find him inspiring.

Beautiful artwork is so inspiring don’t you think? I wish I could buy more sculptures, ceramics and oils. But you know what they say….slowly slowly catch a monkey. Besides, one can buy and buy and buy. But one also needs to sell too. That’s business.

Here are some samplers:

 I love the above landscape best. The use of technique, brush stroke and colour is really good.

I must say the more I frame the more classical I seem to frame. Frame it so that it still looks fresh in twenty years time. Wood frames work on oils THE BEST!

Here is something I framed recently. Little ceramic tiles which I box framed simply. I just love them. They are in 3 boxes which can be hung together in a series or separately.

Anyway I feel so inspired with art and words at the moment. It’s like a blind fold has been ripped off my eyes.

Am finding beauty and peace and SO MUCH INSPIRATION in words and art and everything around me. My head is spinning and overflowing with ideas.

It’s so motivating. Thank you Lord..

art of my choice……..


I’ve been rather quite of late. Not intentionally. I just don’t feel inspired to write anything of importance.

But, I would like to say that the Schengen Visa application has been sent off for the Belgium/Swiss trip. I’m collecting and saving money bedondered. AND I’m getting very excited. Must say.

I’ve also branched out, or busy branching out in my little business. I’m incorporating a little art gallery on the side in my showroom. I only display art of my choice. I’m arrogant like that. I know what I like and brutally discard what I don’t with very little conscience.

 I’ve discovered this awesome artist from the Northern Eastern Cape. She has a very distinct brush stroke. She features mostly portraits and figures but I actually prefer her landscapes. She works in oils. And then another artist locally. I’ve bought one painting of hers. It’s a busy market scene, also in oils.

Art, I think is my first love. I love writing too. But beautiful art, architecture, ceramics and photography is my first love. There’s this local boy. He is actually a man. But he has the heart and eye and purity of a boy. He takes such pure and good photography that your eyes weep as it touches your soul. He understands my intense dislike for chocolate box photography too. So we seem to be on the same page. 

I’m honestly very excited about this project. It’s given me a new lease on life, I tell you…

p.s don’t you hate it when someone hikes a price up when they get a whiff that you may be interested in their work…Fair price for fair work people. C’mon, don’t take the piss now…

Sunday school and Silent Night…


Yesterday morning we had the Sunday School Christmas party. 180 kids. 75 of which are mine, grade 7, 8, 9 and 10. There were kids ranging from 6 -16 there.

W e handled them all well. They behaved well, generally speaking. There WAS a constant shuffling, fidget, fidget and whisper, whisper all the time. I caught one older boy fondling and caressing his girlfriends nipple/boob during Silent Night. I haven’t worked out  whether he was feeling slightly frisky at the high notes or just bored during the chorus and caressing his girlfriends breast suddenly became an entertaining alternative or option? Who knows at that age? One hard look from me culled his passion in its tracks instantly.

Christmas is definitely in the air and I’m starting to get excited.  I can’t handle all the side shows though. This year is turning out to be a particularly busy year with lots going on and with everyone wanting everything framed at the last-minute!