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end of the year salti crax……


Great that Summer has shown her face for more than 3 days. Another stunning sunny day.

So horray (I hate the word hurrah), for warm weather and the promise of lazy days in the pool, sundowners, sunburn and cheerful dispositions. and of course work in between.

Jingle bell rock, the smell of pine shedding on my new carpet (well, newish), the promise of a holiday for two weeks away from the same mundane-ness. I love everyone around me, but it’s great to have a break. To just re-group, chill and smell the sea. Those of you that live close to the sea, probably don’t realise the healing properties of the sea, I suppose just as I don’t realise the full healing properties of wide open spaces, our view of the valleys and mountains in the distance, of thorn trees and aloes, of blesbuck and Cape Vultures.

I’ve stagnated a bit on the Christmas present front and need to get my backside into gear.

One of my mom’s friends, adult children have discovered that their child is cerebral palsy. My mom is now the expert and is telling me what she told the friend about all the stages  I went through. You know, when you discover the cerebral palsy thaannnng. Well, I must say, I never knew I went through all those stages. If you detect an underlining undercurrent of annoyance, yes, you’d be correct! It’s still a raw emotional thing for us and remembering that time in the black whole of Calcutta (do you remember Auburn Alice?) is sort of stepping over private unchartered territory. surmising and bringing it up may result in a snapping puffadder. (that’s assuming puffadders could snap)

Although I didn’t snap, I courteously ended the phone call and moved on.

One month until I’m on holiday.

Yay for me!



See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya- Jack McFarlane


This weekend we are going up the Wild Coast. Looking forward to the break and the lie-ins. We are taking our nannies for this very reason. All the moms made this pact a while ago. The nannies LOVE it! The en-suite bathrooms, 4 course meals, white fluffy towels and coffee and tea on tap. My nanny is AWESOME, but she’s very rural. She refuses to drink out of the white mans modern china or eat off the crockery and so tucks her Country Fresh 2 Litre ice-cream dish under her arm and her kommetjtie (enamel cup) and uses them at every meal. Her kindness and patience with my children overshadows my shallow embarrassment at such inappropriate behaviour. At the end of the day who actually cares? She usually endears herself to all the waitering staff and has them rallying around her by the end of the weekend.

I personally plan to drink my favourite Nederburg Duet while admiring the sea-view. I know, I know, Nederburg Duet is funny duddy but I love it. No Fat Bastard or any other for me. I’ve  bought a new costume that I will not be showing to anyone in public. It’s black and criss-crosses across my boobs in a vice-gripping fashion. No slipping under the elastic for the twins I’m afraid! They’re up and out and exposed for all the world to see. I can honestly say that I have a SPLENDID  cleavage.

So on this note I leave you……. In the words of the GREATEST queen this century as EVER seen, Jack McFarlane from Will and Grace, “See Ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!”