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The letter to Aidan’s ex teacher…….


Reply email this week to Aidan’s teacher from last year:

Hi Alley,

Today’s visit at Molly’s potential school went MILES better than I imagined. John met Mrs K (principal) and then I took Molly and John to meet Edith Wilson(phase 1 teacher and Makaton teacher). Molls thought the class was the business! She loved it and fitted right in. In fact on our way out after sitting in the class and chatting to the teacher, all the kids lined up and held hands to walk to the playground, a little boy put his hand out to grab Molly and said: “come”. It was so sweet and my heart just melted. Molls was keen as anything to go with but we were still discussing things with Edith.

It sounds like we can take her once a week but Mrs K wants to confirm it with the HOD and Edith said she’d like Molly in her class. (this was after she’d heard Molly shrieking with excitement and clapping her hands and walking from this child to that child) Apparently Dr A-K phoned her yesterday to discuss it with her. Everything has fallen into place and I pray the last bit will fall into place too(the CONFIRMATION OF HER ACCEPTANCE!!!!!!)

Aidan had a complete meltdown on the phone on Tuesday night and sobbed and begged me to come and fetch him, he kept saying that he wanted to go to Mrs Nieve’s school, please mommy, please mommy! Well we didn’t phone last night. I phoned tonight and he was a chirpy as anything, cheerful. I was so pleased because after I put the phone down on Tuesday night, I sobbed and wailed like a baby! John had to console me and give me lots of attention.

So, I’ve survived the first week of boarding school and the handing in of Molls’ application form and school visit. Quite emotionally draining.

I was saying to John’s tonight that I never realised how much you’d miss the kids, I mean I knew you would, but I never realised quite how much. I’ve been so preoccupied with myself and haven’t been there to pat you on the back….

So excited to see Aidan tomorrow that I could wee in my pantaloons!!!


Countess Kaz


Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Smiley face!


Baa baa black sheep…..


Writing a blog is a healthy thing, but it can also become me-centred.  That’s why I  left it for a week. Everybody knows that if you’re speaking to me and I’m bored in the first sentence, I switch off and I don’t hear you. I think my droning on of late started to bore me. Hence the time off to live life.

Here is a shearing collage of 2012. Yesterday the wool was baled and today we transport our wool to the auction.

Happy Thursday all.

books and other stuff…….


Next to my bed I have April’s Fools Day by Bryce Courtney.

April Fool’s Day is a 1993 novel by Australian author Bryce Courtenay. The book is a tribute to the author’s son, Damon Courtenay, a haemophiliac who contracted HIV/AIDS through an infected blood transfusion. The title refers to the date of Damon’s death, 1 April 1991 (April Fools’ Day). taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_Fool’s_Day_(novel) . I’ve wanted to read this for ages.

For anyone that doesn’t know Bryce Courtney, he’s an excellent story-teller. Lifts and carry’s you into the book. He’s not a heavy read but one can’t slot him into cliterature(women’s literature) either. I just adore his books and always come away having learnt something or shifted my view-point about something. That’s all I ever ask when I read a book….to feel something or learn something.

The latest Spud is next to my bed to. But he can wait, not ready for him yet. That’s a guaranteed laugh.

On a completely different note..I have a bit of a problem at home. Even though my kids are 11 months apart, because of Molly’s mental aptitude I have two kids with two different interests in TV viewing. Aidan loves Disney, Boomerang (UUUHGGGHHH) and Molls adores Teletubbies, Shawn the sheep and general CBeebies. We taped Andre Rieu’s concerts for her. While she watched the TV, we watched her reaction to the music. What a delight to see her clapping, laughing and giggling at all the sounds. Aidan sat bemused in the corner.

So it’s a constant slotting in of everyone’s turn. John and I refuse to get dual view. He says we’ll never sit as a family and we’ll all watch too much TV. So Molls has her turn, Aidan has his, John has his and I generally tape what I enjoy on the PVR and watch it at my leisure. John hates Friends and Will and Grace and I’m terribly bored with black and white Second World War documentaries and repeats of Top Gear. We do try to watch family programmes, but seriously what doesn’t have swearing, sex or violence in it?

A constant battle…..

I just think that kids are bloody babied too much…..finish and klaar…….


So, yesterday, I spring cleaned the office and got rid of about 5 years of shite. And then I stood back and looked at my great achievement. It felt dannnnnnng good.

 I do the books, admin, but things do accumulate over time. Filing is always done, but kids pictures, reports, books just sometimes get  put on piles to sort out later. Aidan’s pictures, paintings and drawings are always done with such love and care, that you feel pretty kak to have to throw them out.

My friend Ang, on receiving her daughters artwork for the year, in Dec, turned to me and said “ what am I going to do with all this crap?” We both collapsed with giggles. Coz we knew we shouldn’t be laughing. It felt so wrong, but it was sooo funny.

Molly’s school gives you termly artwork in neat little boxes. It’s easier to pack away. But Aidan’s older and more capable of making robots, cars out of bloody cereal boxes, toilet rolls. And for shit’s sake that poster paint leaves dusty residue everywhere. Red, blue, yellow, green etc  clings to everything. (at the same time, I’m grateful for his painting ability.) I keep about 4 things a year.

Kids aside, John is just as guilty with leaving things lying around. Caps, caps and more bloody caps. John loves a cap and a sleeveless fleece bodywarmer. His two most staple wardrobe fixtures.

The older I get, the less inclined I feel, to collect crap. The other day I read in one of the mags, Marie Claire, I think, that the best investment you can give your kids is being financially secure in your old age and retirement. And I’d love to know how much money I’ve wasted on “things” over the years? Thousands of Rands, I imagine? I’m not saying I mustn’t live, but rather spend money on holidays with the kids, home loans, things that form and create our kids to be wiser.

Our children are turning into “Instant Bunnies”. Instant TV, instant information on the internet, instant money from parents, instant messaging. I think we’re missing a WHOLE generation of problem solvers. Kids that are actually incapable of thinking for themselves. I sometimes think that those Chinese Tiger mommies are tough but they have a point. It should be a balance of Tiger Mommy and Western Mommy for great results. The article in the mag, also seemed to imply that children live at home longer than they used to. Up to 23-28yrs old. FK NO!!!!!

But, maybe it’s a market trend, and it’s the way the world is now. Bad economy, more expensive living. I don’t know?

 I just think that kids are bloody babied too much. Finish and klaar.

There, but by the Grace of God, go I.


Being the mother of a cerebral palsy child, I could not help but be moved and touched by that incredible girl on Carte Blanche last night. I gulped, and pinched myself and refused to cry at her determination. I did not want to cry from pity or empathy but rather at the beauty of her and the living of her life and how she lives her life.

 So wonderful and so humbling for me. I was humbled to my core. I was humbled to tears of gratefulness, I guess too. Grateful that a child can succeed and make a difference and create awareness for disabled children. Give, me hope for my Molly. Michaela Mycroft on being inteviewed said:” ‘There is a song by Nickleback, you have got to get the music in there… And it says, ‘What is worth the prize is worth the fight.’ And I believe that the prize of inclusion is definitely worth the fight.”

 At the end of the day, this could happen to anyone. How does the old adage go? “There, but by the Grace of God go I.”

let me say that again: ‘ There, but by the Grace of God, go I.”

Michaela Mycroft, I salute you my girl, it is an honour to have watched you and all your achievements. I think you’re wonderful.


The bucket list and other tales……….


So the holidays have come and are almost gone. I must have looked at my watch a few times these holidays and thought; “Oh no, the time is going too quickly today!”. I’ve accomplishd a few things on my TO DO list these holidays. Still busy with a few things.

Like cleaning out my outside store rooms, rearranging my kitchen cupboards, finishing my mountain of framing(never see the light of day with that), achive admin, filing, Income Tax and Vat, etc etc. I don’t think I’ll get to my linen cupboad this holiday, but thanks to all the guests we’ve had, all the linen has been washed and aired a few times.

One thing that we have done and 99% completed, is renovating our house in the city. The new tenants will move in on the 1 August. What a fun project. John and I had our fair share of shouting matches in front of the builder but after a while he learnt to listen to my ideas and I learnt to listen to his structural building advice.

So it’s house shopping again very soon. We both share the same view on buying property. We’re ruthless and it’s all about an investment and potential. No sentiment is welcome on the shopping spree.

I was thinking of my bucket list the other day. I found one written when I was in High School, tucked in some pages in my Bible. This is not it;

  1. Be kinder and visit more old people in town and at the Old Age Home.
  2. lose weight
  3. spend more time doing nothing
  4. make sure my parents are happy and comfy in their dotage
  5. Read more Christian books(NOT self help but Francine Rivers, Frank Peretti etc etc)
  6. Travel, travel, travel, travel
  7. Fix our tennis court (so Aidan can play)
  8. Do a Mocambique trip next year with John and the kids and come back via Kruger
  9. See the Vic Falls (But John says NOT while Mugabe is in power)
  10. Visit more Art Galleries and buy even more art.
  11. Track down my cricket painting, painted by Christiaan Nice.
  12. Own our own sea house and boat

I do love a list don’t you?

Counteskaz is tired jong………


This place is exhausting me at the moment. I’ve had more than enough.

Yesterday I had to suck my thumb and cater for an event where I didn’t know how many people where coming. It’s difficult. So I catered for 500 and we sold about 450 meals for our Farmer’s Association Bike Ride.

A few weeks ago I organised the Methodist bazaar and cooked 14 kgs of mince for 100 portions of curry and rice. The day after that, John and I cooked a potjie for 150 people for our Country Club fundraiser.

Now I have to organise this months steakhouse for about 70-80 people this Saturday. sigh. sigh. sigh. All for Round Table.

Next Monday I’ll start organising the food for John’s 40th. Beef and ale pie for about 80 people. Numbers will be confirmed on Friday.

John and I are not caterers. We just live in a farming community. We are ALL involved. AND,  if someone said to me at lunch time, I’ll be bringing 80 people for lunch tomorrow, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid. That would be 5kgs of rice, 10 kg’s of rump for Beef Stroganoff and all the extra’s. Fetch plates and knives and forks from Round Table. Organise 2 serving points. and BOB’s your uncle. I’m a veteran now…..old hat. ha ha

I enjoy being involved, it’s fun to work with like-minded ladies all focused on the same goal. To raise money for our Old Age Home, our needy Farm Schools, our community, the soup kitchen. The list is endless.

It’s fun. It’s also fun for the kids too. They get to jol with all their mates and drink one or two cans of creme soda. But for me, this Monday morning, where my feet and lower back feel VERY hard done by, I’m limping and feeling a tad sorry for myself. Jeez, when does this end?

Countesskaz is tired…..jong!