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Life and all the baggage with it…………..


This week has been hectic once again. Still no end in sight. My ironing lady burnt herself over the weekend and hasn’t been at work. So Tiffa is doing the ironing and washing with the longest of teeth and a dropped lip.

Life goes on, VAT is due, framing jobs piling up, kids homework to be done, gardening to be done, Molly’s therapy, house to run, staff to sort out and the list goes on and on.

Feel a little out of control. This morning I have to take the kids to a school outing which is lovely but takes up a whole morning of my time. My folks arrive tomorrow afternoon and Friday morning I leave for my fly fishing weekend for 4 days.  I’m looking forward to it but a bit filled with trepidation as I’m totally out my comfort zone.

Oh, for a bit of peace and quiet. And solitude. (by the way, I know one shouldn’t start a sentence with And, but I am a fan of poetry by AA Milne, and well… anything goes.)



gifts and hobbies and observations………


A few years ago, when the BBC cooking channel was the height of every South African’s entertainment, John made a very valid observation:” Looks like every Twot and his wok is making a cooking programme!”  Too true. It seemed like it at the time.

Then we went through the Afrikaans music video stage. Every Afrikaans person that could afford(and some that used home video’s too) was making a music video. Pan in swaying blades of grass in time to the music, or a hot blond, with tits out and hot pants, with her granny’s ’60’s suitcase standing with her thumb out on a deserted, allegedly, Karroo gravel road. Next thing a clapped old Beetle would pull up(with CA number plates) and the singer would get out and they would dance or cry in the road together. theoretically speaking, this could never happen. I know ‘coz I owned a beetle. It would be a miracle in itself if a Beetle could drive from Cape Town to any distance further than 3 hours away. That was the Afrikaans music phase.

Now we seem to be going through a, what I affectionately like to call: “Every Twot and his lens phase.” Everyone spending 7 grand or more on a camera and then calling themselves a photographer. All rightee then. We see it on Facebook everyday. Copyright on the left hand side of the photo. Name of the person detracting from the image. Too me, no expert at all, I think the genius in photography, is in the subtlety. Not in the glaringly obvious. or contrived. Very few people have the eye for this. Nine times out of ten, the great photographer themselves is an observer and not a talker. The quiet listener.

But all these creative forms are healthy. Keeps you off the Espiride. Keeps you out of mischief.

But in all art forms, I must admit, I hate anything contrived. A wonderful photo can bring tears to my eyes. I’m going to give you 2 links to follow, of two wonderful photographers. Well, I think they’re great and they make my life richer from the stories their photo’s tell.

‘Till later then:




Where have I been?


Let me answer a few questions:

Where have I been? I’ve been lurking around. I’ve been exceptionally busy.

Busy with what? projects, plays, parties, people. people make me tired

and now? Things are much quieter. I only have manageable tasks ahead. Fun!!!

Everyone reaches phases of their life. Mine is calmness at the moment. Uninspired calmness.

The Maryna which I had removed has taken away my melancholy, thrush, water retention and left me with laughter and an increased sex drive. Yay for John. Seriously, I can’t believe how much happier I feel. My weight is still the same though! fk! fk! fk! I don’t feel tearful or bitchy or impatient.

On another note I’m reading a simply dreadful book at the moment called Fifty Shades of Grey. Yuk. It is a Mills and Boon on steroids. I have had absolutely no benefits in reading this book. It’s soft porn. Very Kak actually. Dullsville. I read for intellectual stimulation, so this book is SO not doing it for me. I just think that I could be reading some other book and using that energy to learn something. Instead I’m stuck with a book that’s, quiet frankly, 3rd rate,  and predictable. You see, I never discard a book without having completed it. It’s a weakness. Finish what I start and all that……

The bruising of hearts…..


A friend of mine has come out the closet to his wife and now wants to divorce her. The trouble is, is that they have two beautiful kids. I say the trouble is, because life as those two precious little kids know it, is shattered and will never be the same again.

Divorce which ever way you look at it has casualties. Most often the kids. It’s necessary sometimes to divorce if the spouse is constantly cheating on you or the love is no longer there etc. Coz at the end of the day, what message are you sending to the kids?

At what stage of a marriage to a sexy, lovely wife and as a father to two kids, do you think, this is it? It’s time to be real to oneself. To announce to the world that you’re gay and prepared to lose everything for a change in lifestyle?

Do you think it’s fair that he knew all along that he was gay and only chose to mention it once the kids were 8 and 7 years old? No, it isn’t I’m afraid.

The mom is the moer-in, like in, livid, furious, befok with rage at the moment. I don’t blame her. I would be too.

But who knows, down the road they may become best friends again. Bringing up the children with mutual love and understanding. Because, as much as you are important, the date you conceive a child, is the day, you take a step backwards and put those kids first. Always first. Always protecting them. To keep them safe. Coz you know that it’s a bitch out there.

So, I think of the emotional turmoil of that family at the moment. The anger, the confusion, the betrayal, the hurt.

The bruising of hearts. I pray for their healing and calm in their lives.