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Books and stimulation…


Read the latest Marian Keyes. It’s better than her previous two. Made me laugh out loud. Have to love the dry sarcastic Irish humour.

But….now I sit without a book to read. Well not quite without…..I have plenty..but not in the mood. All I know is that any sex scene will make me start dry heaving and perhaps bring up a little in my mouth. 50 shades of Grey has sorted me out for any curiosity I may have had with Mommy Porn. It’s not for me and it’s as dull as shite. So sick of cliterature.

I plan to read The Prophet for a little Intellectual stimulation and pragmatism. And maybe I’ll throw in a Jane Austin. It feels like 50 shades has taken my brain and wrung out any sense of intellect I may have had left. My brain is yearning for some facts, thoughts and beautifully written words. It’s like a sponge waiting for someone to pour a glass of water over it.

Think of me over the next two weeks. It’s going to be busy and I need to keep my cool and keep a clear head.




So Suburban…….


My kids have picked up the Border/Xhosa/English accent . Aidan’s latest thing is replying:”as quick as bomb in Arfrikar(Africa)”. Now, I don’t know what a bomb in Africa is, or why it’s quick, but in his eyes a bomb in Arfrikar ( pronounced: Arf-ri-kar) is quick and has impact. John says it’s his imagination at work and we must encourage him to cultivate it.

He(John) has this proverbial fear of us becoming boring and predictable. I don’t know why? I’ve actually never asked him.

He has this thing he says to me which, I know is deeply insulting. It makes me smart and cringe. Do you want to know what it is…….?  He says, “That’s soooooooooooooo suburban!”

By suburban he means: not actually living in the suburbs as such, just thinking in a box, being predictable, never travelling, being boring”. We both have lots of friends living in the suburbs that are not “suburban”. So, calm down and let’s just clear that up right now.

This warped generalised opinion in not unlike Marion Keyes very funny description of a feathery stroker in her book Anybody Out There? If your haven’t read it, I urge you to. It’s hilarious. We all have our idiosyncrasy’s and I guess NOT being boring is Johns.