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The reflective 40’s…….


I’m back. Albeit briefly and just to say hi.

Cinderella Trippin’ and I were having a chat on Saturday night and I was telling her how bored I was of blogging and reading other people’s blogs. It’s not that other bloggers are boring, it’s just that lately I’m not really interested in hearing about other people’s children especially when my own kids consume my every waking thought.

I think that’s where I am in my life.

My 40th has come and gone. And I’m proud to announce that I rode that bitch for a week. Ten days if truth be told. I rode her ’til her knees buckled and she collapsed in a heap a for two days getting over the Chocolate Vodka and birthday celebrations.

Now things are back to normal. My kitchen is still upside down but we’ve broken the back of it.

We’ll finish it soon enough. I’m afraid it will have to happen after shearing which begins the next week.

My 40th was a hoot. I loved it. We had about 40 people here at home. The theme was The Great Gatsby. I asked a friend to cater for me and I recommend this most highly. So stress free. So awesome.

Lately I’m seeking the truth. By the truth I mean, not being politically correct. Bare bones truth. Something to make me feel. Something that stirs my soul. All my usual blog readings are leaving me cold.

What is stirring my soul at the moment is the latest season of Charly’s Bakery. I can feel the sadness of Charly’s death permeating through every episode and its beautiful. Its beautiful in that, his death is inspiring his wife, Jacqui (I think) to reach out to others by means of collecting toys, baking cakes for charity etc. When someone has died of cancer you can’t wish them back and so you grieve over them in a different way. http://www.charlysbakery.co.za/. I cry in every episode at the humility of it all.

humility is so rare these days. Very few people have it.

@Charly’s Bakery you can find it in bucket loads.


A little bit of this and a little bit of that………..


So the kitchen renovations began last week. Pulling off of tiles, plastering, undercoats etc. Today we start on the cupboards. By the end of the week we should be on granite tops, painting and next week hopefully my absolutely delicious flooring I’ve chosen. Then curtains etc.

Fun, to a point. Messy to the moon and back. I find myself uninspired to cook too. My freezer is crammed with Woolies soups, breads, meals etc. Yes, I’ve become a lazy whore  woman. Nina Deli has made a killing out of me with their ready cooked lasagnes.

Oh by the way, Woolies Pumpkin and Sage soup is delicious. Just saying. I’ve never really cooked with Sage. I’m more of a fresh coriander, basil, parsley, thyme, organum and mint kinda gal. So it was lovely to taste that combo together. I shall definitely be looking into what else I can cook with Sage. Yes, I can be a philistine limited cook.

Yesterday we had the photographic club here for the day. The theme was Railway tunnels and Trains. John took them to the Vulture Kranz and they photographed the Cape Vulture in all its splendour. The kids and I joined them after lunch. Spent a lovely morning slothing. Although they all arrived at 6-30am, so I was up early serving coffee.

This morning I pruned my roses, I’ll be shifting some rose bushes and lavender bushes. My one bed is annoying the crap out of me. It’s all unbalanced and has no flow. I get vexed every time I look at it. I need to seriously get a life.

Have a good week.



Describe 3 significant childhood memories; (blog chall 2)


Hope this doesn’t bore you too much:

1- Enid Blyton. Enid and most of her books took up a large amount of my time. I always wanted to be part of the Famous Five. In fact I started my own gang called the Wonderful One. My clubhouse was in the Coral Tree in our front garden on the farm. I loved climbing trees. I was quiet a tomboy yet at the same time spent hours trying on make-up in the bathroom or trying on my mom’s “It’s a Pleasure Party” outfits. I think “It’s a Pleasure Party” was not dissimiliar to Tupperware, Golden Products and Avon? My mom had this kiff red and white polka dotted halter neck dress from the 60’s and it teamed up well with her  pair of glitzy gold sequined ’70’s platforms!

2- Going to the sea to our Beach House. Great Excitement. Days of baking. Days of packing. (I think the sea house was 15kms away!). There we had TRULY, the best memories of my life. I remember before it was modernised, the paraffin lamps and the long drop toilet outside with black and white cowboy comics and the BIGGEST brommers (flies) with green eyes you HAVE EVER seen. It had a very unique smell too. If I smell musty poo, with urine, blazing sun, the sound of brommers, curled up yellowing comics, it sends my senses reeling back to that Long Drop. Oh yes it had a melted used candle in a candle holder in the corner with orange and cream patterns. I think it was enamel. We still go there every Christmas. This year will be my 40th year. and now my kids love it there too.

3- My Granny Peggy’s linen. I think that’s where my love of linen comes from. Granny Peggs. Granny Peggy used to starch her sheets. Her pillows were always well plumped, her linen fresh smelling and cool to the touch and pure percale. She always set her table beautifully with 2 knives, forks, pudding spoon and fork, side plate to your left, starched napkin, each setting had their own salt and pepper. I set my table like that for every meal. 2 knives, fork, side plate, napkin, place mat etc. Not as toffed up as Granny Peggs but similar. I have of course trained Thembisa.

4- My Dad’s vegie garden. Something to behold. He loved it and had everything growing in there. My Mom’s Barberton Daisies (now commonly known as Gerbera’s). My mom was well-known for her Barberton Daisies in our area and used to sell bunches at the local Home Industries.

so many more.

Dry humping on a narrow Res dorm bed….


Yesterday’s mention of dry-humping made me think. I miss those dry-humping days. Those groping, bodice ripping, slammed against a wall, days of yester year. Okay maybe not quiet bodice ripping. I was born in 1973 and I’ve yet to wear a bodice, but still…..those panting, steaming hot heavy petting sessions.

These days everything is still great. It always has been. It’s just slower paced and has more love involved then pure unadulterated, impatient  lust.

It’s more like sipping wine and appreciating it, than downing a can of beer or knocking back a shooter. You know…? when you wanted that  instant gratification…. before the babies..before the sagging tits…before the sagging arse…..before Cellulite City bought the franchise from your “koek” to your ankles.

These days I have to put a pillow under my head for elevation during a bit of “vanilla” to avoid suffocation by my double chin. It’s difficult to arch your back, writhe from side to side and moan encouragingly. So many damn things to remember!

But, at the end of the day as much as I hold those memories of “dry-humping on a narrow Res dorm bed” with the greatest affection…I still prefer the comfort of knowing someone so well. Of throwing insecurities to the wind. Of laughing together. Of loving together. Fun times too.


today is a new day….


As much as I’m missing Aidan, and we are, I can’t believe the lack of stress in my daily life. No-one KNOWS how HECTIC it is to cart and carry kids from school and sport unless you’ve done it or are doing it. I’m sitting back this term and I can’t believe how much less stressful it is. Taking him to school, fetching him. Eating lunch, rushing off to sport. Coming home, doing homework, sorting out supper, bathtime, bedtime. AND THAT’s only ONE child!

I have more time to spend with Molly. She’s still going to school, but I have way more time for her.

Maybe I’m trying to make myself feel better for sending my child to boarding school, but bloody hell…there IS a silver lining here. I worked it out, it’s just Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday that I don’t see him. And it’s been difficult for me to relinquish responsibility to someone else, to entrust them to do his homework, to feed him, to orchestrate his extra murals. Not easy. (but once I tasted the freedom….well, in all honesty…it tastes…well….nice!)

Having said that…I can’t wait to speak to him tonight. Tuesday nights are bad nights. Last week he sobbed and begged me to fetch him. I’m holding thumbs it goes a bit better tonight.

On a completely different note, yesterday I went to a tea. I think I had a bit of a Toerets syndrome yesterday, as I do!  Can’t stop thinking about what I said? Very funny, but well……very inappropriate. We have friends that are getting married and “saving themselves” for the wedding night. Well she is moving from the big city to be closer to her fiance the month before the wedding. They will be staying in the same house as his folks. Except…. the folks are going on a 3 week holiday. So I opened my BIG BLOODY MOUTH and said: “Yes, there’ll be lots of Pre-marital dry-humping going on in that house!” Very funny, when you’re at the club, half tight on white wine spritzers, but so not fine at a tea. I’m very embarrassed and feel so bad. Everyone laughed but I still feel bad.

That was yesterday and today is a bright fresh new day…


The letter to Aidan’s ex teacher…….


Reply email this week to Aidan’s teacher from last year:

Hi Alley,

Today’s visit at Molly’s potential school went MILES better than I imagined. John met Mrs K (principal) and then I took Molly and John to meet Edith Wilson(phase 1 teacher and Makaton teacher). Molls thought the class was the business! She loved it and fitted right in. In fact on our way out after sitting in the class and chatting to the teacher, all the kids lined up and held hands to walk to the playground, a little boy put his hand out to grab Molly and said: “come”. It was so sweet and my heart just melted. Molls was keen as anything to go with but we were still discussing things with Edith.

It sounds like we can take her once a week but Mrs K wants to confirm it with the HOD and Edith said she’d like Molly in her class. (this was after she’d heard Molly shrieking with excitement and clapping her hands and walking from this child to that child) Apparently Dr A-K phoned her yesterday to discuss it with her. Everything has fallen into place and I pray the last bit will fall into place too(the CONFIRMATION OF HER ACCEPTANCE!!!!!!)

Aidan had a complete meltdown on the phone on Tuesday night and sobbed and begged me to come and fetch him, he kept saying that he wanted to go to Mrs Nieve’s school, please mommy, please mommy! Well we didn’t phone last night. I phoned tonight and he was a chirpy as anything, cheerful. I was so pleased because after I put the phone down on Tuesday night, I sobbed and wailed like a baby! John had to console me and give me lots of attention.

So, I’ve survived the first week of boarding school and the handing in of Molls’ application form and school visit. Quite emotionally draining.

I was saying to John’s tonight that I never realised how much you’d miss the kids, I mean I knew you would, but I never realised quite how much. I’ve been so preoccupied with myself and haven’t been there to pat you on the back….

So excited to see Aidan tomorrow that I could wee in my pantaloons!!!


Countess Kaz


Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Smiley face!