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thank you SEcret SaNTa…


Oh wow! We arrived back on Tuesday and so could only fetch my Secret Santa parcel on Wednesday(yesterday). I rushed into town and I got my parcel.

In true Countess style I ripped it open in my car, as I couldn’t wait another second. I was THOROUGHLY spoiled.

Whoever you are…THANK YOU, I loved the choccies, am totally stoked over the book and as for the scarf…so so so pretty and elegant. Thanks for making my day.

(I’m dying to know who you are, so send me a secret signal…I won’t tell Charlotte) 😉

Thank You!

345 346




secret santa where art thou?


oh where oh where is my parcel from my secret Santa?

so curious to see what I got… very excited too..

we leave to go on holiday tomorrow and I was hoping I would have received it before we left..but I’ll have something to look forward in the NEW YEAR!

So if your’e wondering why I haven’t thanked you…it’s coz i haven’t got it yet….

it’s all very thrilling..can’t wait…


Secret Santa


So I’ve joined this Blogger’s Secret Santa fun that the Stilletto Mom has started, see here: http://thestilettomum.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/blogger-secret-santa-61-and-counting/

Okay, so I’m picking up stompies a bit. I’ve read snippets here and snippets there. Anyone can do it. Blog readers too.

I think I have to post about things that I like.: (for the person that gets my name)

  • books (2nd hand my fave- poetry, classics, especially South African classics)
  • scarves (long ones to wrap around my triple chins and neck) nothing in brown tones
  • huge thick glass vases
  • anything with a bird motif, (not parrots, not vultures…small cute birds)
  • please wrap my gift beautifully. I’m very shallow like that. It depicts how much you like me. lol
  • anything arty or photographical
  • classical, blues, jazzy music (I love this folk rock band from Cape Town called Briar Rose)
  • hmmmmm, difficult to think around the 100 Rond zone…
  • I like Retro African things, and by that I mean things with Nguni’s, aloes, proteas, botanical drawings of indigenous South African plants. My favourites are Blue Plumbago, Aloe, Agapanthus, Clivia, Strelizia nothing with african animal prints, masks etc gahhhhh
  • anything from Yuppie Chef (not much under R100, but anyway…)
  • chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate

So much more I could add, but we all have bills to pay and people to see.

I’m really very excited about this and can’t wait to see who I get to buy for. I get more of a kick in buying presents than receiving them.

P.S Please make sure that anything I receive can NOT be used by my kids, that it’s for ME alone. lol