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The Sex Toys Drawer…..


Aidan has chosen our Sex Toys drawer to put his art supplies in. All we have in our Sex Toys drawer is a tube of KY Jelly. But that’s not the point, there are probably about 30 different drawers in this house and he has chosen that particular one.

It doesn’t matter that there’s only a tube of KY jelly in the drawer. It’s just that he’s invaded our turf. These kids, whom I love and adore, have filtered in and invaded every part of our lives. There are not many days I can mention when I don’t step on a piece of lego, which anyone will tell you is excruciating. Molly strews her horses everywhere. Aidan constructs makeshift tents and houses on every possible surface and corner.

All I want is my own private Sex Toys Drawer without any little tosser sticking their paw into! A drawer that is only for John and I and a lonely tube of KY jelly. Is that too much to fracking ask?


Saturday night sex toys and tips….uhhhhh excuse the pun….


Saturday night had a group of us girls chatting about sex toys. Now I know you may be raising you eyebrows a tad as I sometimes help out with teaching Sunday School. But I was an active listener in the conversation not really a participator. Doesn’t matter if I was anyway…Why is our age-group(29 to 40 years) so obsessed with sex toys?

To be very honest I am bloody inquisitive about them and would love to browse unhibitedly through a sex shop out of sheer curiosity. With my luck however, I would probably encounter half our Farmer’s Association members and their pearl and twin-set wives driving passed with their mouths open. Oh the shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps I’m sharing a little too much? But at this stage in my life there has never been a call for ….um…added accessories. But to see the looks of wild abandoned joy, in the eyes of the girls whilst talking about sexual apparatus , did spark ….a teeny, weeny bit of curiosity in me.

What do you think about this subject? Do you have the courage to add anything?