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Baa baa black sheep…..


Writing a blog is a healthy thing, but it can also become me-centred.  That’s why I  left it for a week. Everybody knows that if you’re speaking to me and I’m bored in the first sentence, I switch off and I don’t hear you. I think my droning on of late started to bore me. Hence the time off to live life.

Here is a shearing collage of 2012. Yesterday the wool was baled and today we transport our wool to the auction.

Happy Thursday all.


In the shearing shed….


Shearing has started.

Haven’t got there, waiting for kids to finish school.

Here is a photo of Aidan and his chommies when he was a mere 1 and a half years old. Don’t you just love it?…one of my favourites ever.

P.S Auburn Alice, I have the most divine pressie for you. I bought it this morning. Can’t wait to give it to you.

It started as a sunny day……yay…


This morning I woke up to Fuzzy, my wire-haired terrier jumping on me and trying to lick my face. I looked up and saw a blue sky. Well fk me if I wasn’t excited to see a blue sky. That inspired me to wash, coiffure and bouffe my hair, don a summery dress and some wedges and fly elegantly out the door.

Tomorrow we start shearing. A good time on the farm. Xhosa women wearing their oldest clothes for working with lanolin drenched wool, babies on the boob, snotty kids running around and shearers sweating beads over the sheep. I’ll post more about this later when I have some photo’s to share.

Thanks to a phone call from the auburn Alice, I realise I need to go back and see my lady. For some more snot flying crying sessions and coping techniques. Oh great………. something to look forward too.

Thanks to Charlie’s Bird for the book referrals. Will take you up on it. I sadly don’t have a Kindle but have requested one from my farmer  for Christmas. So let’s hold thumbs.

About a quarter of the way through my Christmas shopping. Now I just need to decide on a theme for my wrapping and then buy the goods. Any suggestions?