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Life is a box of chocolates….said Forest Gump’s mom


So today I raced into town and had a lovely facial. Blew the budget on  Gatineau products. John went pale when I told him what I spent. I reminded him of the Oldster Ipad App and how terrible I looked at 60 and he nodded while his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. My eyebrows were shaped by the best ‘pluck’ in town, waxed the top lip, waxed my chin and neck, had a peel-pedicure and then proceeded to finish my Christmas shopping. Arrived home at about 3-ish and then went onto the Christmas Book club. A lovely day. A hairless-ly lovely day.

We did Secret Santa at Book club and I got the most exquisite tray of chocolate from Woolworths. Luxurious and MASSIVE. Something I wouldn’t have bought myself in a hundred years.

John and I nibbled on a few chocs whilst watching Downton Abbey tonight. I bought series 1 and 2 through Kalahari. Everyone’s raving about it.

Tomorrow I have a Ladies Christmas lunch with a close circle of friends. My last ever with these particular friends, as next year I leave for greener pastures. Sad, but good to move on.

I bought my gift for the Tree of Joy today. For a little 11 year girl. I urge you to support this worthy cause. It’s run by Rotary and is a worthy cause. I know you’ve all probably done so much already but just think…..these gifts will be the ONLY new thing some of these kids will get the WHOLE year.

ooh feel like another chocolate…but I told John to take them and hide them where I can’t find them…. thank goodness

nightee night



A bargain for the hormonal horror…….


I’m so hormonal today that I could easily have side swiped a few dumb asses on the side of the head…a number of times.

Breathe in and breathe out.

Koek! Vrek! “Jy is die domste drol….fok off!”

On a good note, I bought a darling little dress today for R400. When I got to the till, the cashier must have seen ,my limp hair, my wrinkled tired looking face and thought “shame, let me cheer this bag lady up”.

Guess what? She told me the dress was marked down to 250 good South African Rond! So, of course I did what any girl worth her salt would do….I bought this beautiful summer-ry, yellow and white striped scarf with the balance of the money.

What does it mean? I got the scarf for free! Of COURSE I did!

That cheered me up a little. Still…doesn’t vapourise the daily dimwits I deal with periodically.

Anyway, off to a Stud sale tomorrow. Stud, as in cattle and sheep, and not Stud, as in Earings!

laters baby…..

the Bored Mommies Woolies Bashing Bitch Festival..


If I see another Suburban sourced anti “Woolies bashing Bitch Festival” comment on facebook, I’m going to seriously purge myself. At first it amused me and now the blatant ignorance from both parties is making me angry.

Are we living in the same country? Have we not lived in the same country for the last 20 years. Why are we suddenly shocked and affronted by this undiplomatic wording of  job advertisements discriminating against whites. For the record I am deeply and MOST passionately against any discrimination against someone because of their skin colour. I believe that people should get a job because they are the best suited to it.

However this storm in a tea-cup has outraged South African Surburbia to its core. This boycott against Woolies which involves not shopping there, must surely be a bit of a rude awakening for Woolies and the Government. People are gatvol. Woolies is getting slated and lynched by a mob, but are they entirely to blame here? Um no. Read about it here: http://www.women24.com/CareersAndMoney/Legal/Woolies-employment-policy-drama-20120904

“Has everyone forgotten that South African companies are obligated by law to actively support and initiate transformation in the workplace? ” quoted from an article in women24.com

Fact: Woolworths is expensive. Woolworths supplies fabulous good quality products. They are sometimes over priced. I love shopping there. I need my Chuckles.

Are people over reacting? Yes.  

However, I bit of a “knocking someone down to size” never did hurt anyone. Also, it’s never to late to learn a bit of tact and diplomacy.

Cue in: Woolies specials to lure us in again and save us a penny or two… 

The Spur and other family stuff………


I woke up in a great mood. Focused. Ready to work. Keep things in perspective.

The reason: we went away for the weekend. Saw different sites. Smelled different smells. Tasted different food. We took the kids to the Spur. Before we had kids John and I would never have been caught dead in the Spur. Now, these days, it’s quite the cool spot to hang out with kids. If Molly throws pumpkin on the floor, it’s fine. If Molly bends and folds the hard cardboard laminated kiddie menu, it’s fine. The kids lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve the Spur. John can eat his steak, and so he’s happy too.

 Aidan told me this morning that he wishes our house was in the Spur. I think not, love. My 3oo thread count white percale linen would smell of Spur’s basting sauce and deep-fried calamari. All smoky and stuff. Ummmm no thanks.

But it does my heart good to get away and get perspective. Especially to spend time as a family. (Never mind the delicious shoes I bought myself and my new Christmas present from John….a Yamaha, desktop Audio System docking station thingy-ma-jig) Divinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne…………….

It must be Christmas………..


This morning I went shopping in one of the big dorpies nearby. It wasn’t East london but it still has a Woolworths, Mr Price Home, nice decor shops etc. I did a bit more Christmas shopping. Am making headway  with the buying of all the gifts.  I HATE leaving things to the last-minute. I spend way to much money and buy rubbish.

A lot of my nieces and nephews are teenagers, late teens. It’s difficult to buy for that age. Some of them are into books and others are into farming/outdoorsy things. The girls are easier to buy for but the two teen boys! NIGHTMARE! I refuse to give money on principle. So impersonal.

 I hope I don’t become one of those Aunts whose gifts they mock. You know the one….the one that wrapped a can of deodorant or gave you a tie dye shirt? So, because of this I overcompensate. I buy lovely little things to be the cool Aunt(even though I’m in my thirsties, I mean thirties!)

I’m busy organising a Christmas dinner for the over 65’s in our town. About 200 people have been invited but only about 100 will come. It’s a sit down 4 course dinner, crackers,  live  entertainment, prizes, gift hampers, drinks on the house and general AWESOME christmas spirit. The old folk love it and it’s hosted by the Round Table. It’s the best project we do and this is my second time convening it.

I really can’t wait to put up the Christmas Tree. I normally make a huge deal about choosing the tree as a family. We play Christmas music, drive in the veldt, choose the tree, drag it the bakkie and then we decorate it. It’s all very thrilling for a 6 and 5-year-old. I normally buy three advent calendars. One for each child and then the third is to replace the one that I snuck out and ate in the middle of the night! I have a problem with chocolate I know….

So here’s to me and you…and Christmas…… and the insanity that prevails at this time of the year….