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Fly fishing in Ugie


A very busy day today, so only a teeny blog post today.

Loved, loved loved the weekend. Had a great time, met new people, saw magnificient scenery, fell in the water and got drenched up to my knickers twice, leopard crawled up and down river banks upteen times. oh, yes, I did catch fish. But flyfishing is SO much more than that!

Here are two photo’s of where we were:



will post more tomorrow….

laters baby xxx


It truly means a lot to me…


This diet lark is not for sissy’s. And I’m afraid that food snuck in when no-one is watching, Nigellas Lawson style, truly DOES catch up eventually.

Oh my goodness gracious, but I love snacking and eating and munching. Winter is truly a biaatch to me. I like her for her red wine and warm fires but truly she has a nasty streak when it comes to packing on the kilo’s on my tummy, thighs and triple chin.

I’d love to blame it on Maryna, who resides in the dark love cave, but I am doubtful. A Chocolate Log, a kitkat, Lindt ball or twenty has to go somewhere. Doesn’t it? Maryna serves a purpose of deflecting, um, um, the tadpoles but truly she can’t be all that fabulous if she can’t mult task by ridding said weight of said luscious body?

Oh well, have asked a friend to fax through a diet. She has lost 4.9kgs in the last few weeks. Well done my girl! That’s awesome. Truly, feel a little jealous now.

I have used the word truly 6-7 times in this post.

Because truly, I’m serious about this subject. It truly means a lot to me. Truly…

Other words for truly:

absolutely, accurately, actually, authentically, beyond doubt, beyond question, confirmedly, constantly, correctly, de facto, definitely, devotedly, exactly, factually, faithfully, firmly, genuinely, honestly, honorably, in actuality, in fact, in reality, in truth, legitimately, loyally, positively, precisely, reliably, righteously, rightly, sincerely, staunchly, steadily, surely, truthfully, unequivocally, veraciously, veritably, very, with all one’s heart, with devotion, without a doubt

Dune walking at 3-30am…..


Apologies for the delay in a written post, but am still sluggish and brain-dead from holiday fever. Had the best holiday ever. Switched phones off and no Internet for 2 and a half weeks. Awesome. Feel refreshed, tanned and a coupla kilo’s heavier.

Had the best New Years in about 20 years. Laughed my ass off and drank red wine with friends. Felt like a young teen again. Hubby and I went for a walk on the beach, tight as ticks, at 3.30am and lay like walruses on the dunes and watched the stars and listened to the sea. Brilliant start to 2012. Food for my soul.

so, later buggers….