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Next to my bed I have April’s Fools Day by Bryce Courtney.

April Fool’s Day is a 1993 novel by Australian author Bryce Courtenay. The book is a tribute to the author’s son, Damon Courtenay, a haemophiliac who contracted HIV/AIDS through an infected blood transfusion. The title refers to the date of Damon’s death, 1 April 1991 (April Fools’ Day). taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_Fool’s_Day_(novel) . I’ve wanted to read this for ages.

For anyone that doesn’t know Bryce Courtney, he’s an excellent story-teller. Lifts and carry’s you into the book. He’s not a heavy read but one can’t slot him into cliterature(women’s literature) either. I just adore his books and always come away having learnt something or shifted my view-point about something. That’s all I ever ask when I read a book….to feel something or learn something.

The latest Spud is next to my bed to. But he can wait, not ready for him yet. That’s a guaranteed laugh.

On a completely different note..I have a bit of a problem at home. Even though my kids are 11 months apart, because of Molly’s mental aptitude I have two kids with two different interests in TV viewing. Aidan loves Disney, Boomerang (UUUHGGGHHH) and Molls adores Teletubbies, Shawn the sheep and general CBeebies. We taped Andre Rieu’s concerts for her. While she watched the TV, we watched her reaction to the music. What a delight to see her clapping, laughing and giggling at all the sounds. Aidan sat bemused in the corner.

So it’s a constant slotting in of everyone’s turn. John and I refuse to get dual view. He says we’ll never sit as a family and we’ll all watch too much TV. So Molls has her turn, Aidan has his, John has his and I generally tape what I enjoy on the PVR and watch it at my leisure. John hates Friends and Will and Grace and I’m terribly bored with black and white Second World War documentaries and repeats of Top Gear. We do try to watch family programmes, but seriously what doesn’t have swearing, sex or violence in it?

A constant battle…..


The one about the Online Shopping Whore….


Don’t you just love online shopping. I’m a bit of an online shopping whore.

From Kalahari to Yuppie Chef, well it blows me hair back, it does.

All those books and CDS’s to trawl through on Kalahari. I find Musica so intimidating. All that loud music, CD boxes lined up and thrusting themselves at me. My brain scrambles and I don’t know where to start. The sales people so hip and over-energised and mouthing the words to songs I’ve never heard before. Makes me feel so old and not with it. and….I am with it!

Online shopping is relaxed, I can take my time and really buy what I like. Plus the excitement of receiving a parcel in the mail is borderline orgasmic.

Ripping that hard plastic ribbon that holds the brown box together to reveal the contents. (A car key works well, by the way, at tearing the hard plastic ribbon.) I can never wait until I get home, I’m ashamed to admit. I usually saunter casually to the car, sit down, look over my left shoulder, look over my right shoulder, to make sure no-ones watching the rip-shit-and-tear and go for my badge.

However, this is a small town, so I’m sure someone, somewhere is sitting with binoculars, behind their net curtains and scouting for a bit of action.

and then there’s the drive home…..all excited to page through the book, listen to the CD, use my gadget or whatever else I’ve just taken delivery of.



so anyway, here I sit waiting for John to come home from a meeting in town, with my parcel from Kalahari. The latest Spud, Cathy Kelly and a Bryce Courtney. Can’t wait….oooooh, I think I hear his bakkie now…

The one about the bitches in boarding school…..


Don’t you hate it when someone gives you an indirectly cold shoulder? You know you’ve done something and you can’t think what?

It’s funny in some way and it takes me back to boarding school days. You know when you’re in std 7 and you and your BFF have a tiff. Then she very pointedly takes her plate of food, with nose in the air, and sits with someone you don’t really like. No words spoken, but battle lines have been drawn. Then it’s the quickest to get everybody to takes sides. The winner is the one who has drawn more people to her side. eg more people hanging around her laughing at her stories and jokes while the other is hopefully, sitting on their own, minus friends.

 That’s a sign of a true victory. You happy and surrounded by friends and the estranged BFF cowering on her own with feigned indifference. Kids, especially teenagers, can be cruel. I must say the older we got, the less those kind of things happened. We sort of settled into a good rhythm in std 8, 9 and matric.

For me hostel was lovely. You always had friends to talk to. I remember going to the loo in matric at 2am one night, and there sat 3 girls curled up on the novilon in the bathroom, bitching about their lives. ‘coz, you know, you’re fked up when you’re in your teens. So I remember sitting down and and joining the conversation. And we shared problems that night and solutions and heavy stuff. Hurtful, painful and deep things. You’re thrown in with a bunch of girls, mostly from good, stable families, in the same boat as you. Hormones coursing through your veins. Same controversial, rebellious outlook on life.

I think that’s why I have such sympathy for teenagers. It’s an awesome yet also crappy time in your life. Your whole life feels off kilter.

All those things you read in Spud are true. The pecking order in the dormitory. The nerdy, gross person osterisized. The bully’s leading and laying down the law. Spud being teased and crying. I feel a bit like Spud. (a girl Spud) ‘coz I wasn’t nerdy and I wasn’t rebellious. And my folks drove an old clapped Opel Kadett. (at the time I didn’t care though). I was a middle of the road child, LOVED English, loved reading. So I love the Spud books, takes me back, to those days.

Did you know that the 4th Spud is being released soon, In August I think?

I’m quiet excited. You see, they make me laugh. And as you know, I LOVE LAUGHING.

laters baby…..