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It’s kiff here jong……


Living in a farming community is like being on the set of a soap opera and being part of a live studio audience. Take Kim Kardashian for instance, I have her twin sister living about 17kms away from me. “Kim”, let’s call her “Kim”, is beautiful and constantly touches her hair, flicking it gently over her shoulders after she’s applied her lip gloss with her perfectly manicured hands. A lovely girl and personally inspires in me, the urge to dress better and always look zhooszh.

Stephanie Forrester of Bold and Beautiful fame has a clone living here too. Bossy, controlling and judgemental always putting her family first. No farming community would survive without someone like her to drive us and whip us into submission. A true leader and woman with a pair of sizable balls.

And then we have Meridith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy. Whiny and annoying with that monotone droning voice and clinging to her husband.

Then we have Joey Tribbiani from Friends. In essence a kiff guy but has a roving eye for woman. Dangerous in a farming community but providing hours and hours of juicy material to discuss at length, over a cup of tea at the local Coffee Shop. 

The we have Jack from Will and Grace. A personal favourite. Lovely to be around if he likes you, but hell if he doesn’t. Bitchy, side splittingly hilarious and sharp as a whip.

In a farming community there are NO secrets. You think you have a secret, but someone ALWAYS knows. They watch you, you watch them back and that’s how it goes. You fall, they pick you up, they fall and you take them a supper dish and a listening ear.

Someone always willing to give you advice  and tell you where you went wrong, whether you want to hear it or not!

 I’d have to say I wouldn’t change it for the world…coz it’s kiff here jong!


The boom-gate conversation…


A friend and I were talking just now. I was telling her about my husband’s mantra: “If everyone’s irritating you….then you’re the common denominator and YOU are the one with the problem.!” wise words from a farmer.

 (Farmer’s are IRRITATINGLY logical). I’ll be glorifying in something complicated, sighing exquisitely, pulling my hair out at the complicated scenario before my very eyes and he’ll step in and solve everything with logic and pure common sense… so annoying you know? 

Anyway, I digress, back to my conversation at the boom gate pick up. We have a school lift club from the boom gate. I affectionately call us the Boom-Gate Bitches. Not, because we’re bitches. We’re not. Simply because we meet at the Boom-Gate and it forms the most delicious alliteration. It also conjures up an image of naughty women, instead of busy farmers’ wives. (I’m not saying I like to  role play, and I’m not saying I don’t, I’m just saying.)

So there we were having this conversation about a specific, certain someone. She doesn’t bother me, but she bothers X.

 That’s where things get hectic in a farming community, you’re thrown into a mix of people you may never under different circumstances have socialized with. And you’re forced to get on. For the most part you do. Most of us are nice. You do get the odd personality clash. Just like anywhere else. At work. At play etc. In this case I put it down to a personality clash. X realises this though.

So my point of this blog is, after much digressing, if everyone’s annoying you; STOP and have a quick think. You may need to step back and review the situation. It may be time for a break.

later bitches….